Melissa McCarthy – Bloopers

Melissa McCarthy - Bloopers

wake up listen here you to Japanese [Laughter] [Applause] once on the left side always ones on the right those tend to be I wish my fucking foot would go right through your skull probably I'm gonna start with Karen Carpenter's head I'm gonna rip her head off and I've been a drinker bleh I need you to stop sweating through your shirts and grossing everybody out oh no you did not then I'm gonna come back and light you on fire I'm gonna light wall on fire but I'm going to start with you Jill I'm gonna fucking torch you I like that rose I love that with our gross Roseburg she's garble garble to the rolls tracking system macarthur raid sort as a satellite moving ship ce o– it is transmission yeah you're right lowered that's right but there's our chocolate music everybody grab a date the infection and you put your own head squat thank you not fireman you know got into the most wonderful ship it was called a Dorito I can put both of my legs alright wonderful for my now you drink it so the little bitch I turned it off it's okay storms are coming

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