Nine Members Of American Family Killed In Highway Ambush In Mexico | NBC Nightly News

Nine Members Of American Family Killed In Highway Ambush In Mexico | NBC Nightly News

29 thoughts on “Nine Members Of American Family Killed In Highway Ambush In Mexico | NBC Nightly News

  • Why did you guys write this hitpiece on the family?

    This has nothing to do with the fact that they were all senselessly murdered, including 6mo old babies. No, you had to smear their dead names. Congratulations NBC. You are EVIL.

  • The President of the United States must send agents in Mexico as the CIA, DEA, FBI, and the Interpol to end the terrorism in Mexico. God bless them, the family LeBaron.

  • I saw it’s a time to aim a few Hellfire Missiles at the cartels assets…..
    Like their jets, cars, and unoccupied mansions. We are not monsters, we want zero collateral damage.
    But a few precision hits should help get the memo across that if you mess with American Civilians…..your gonna have to start to fear retaliation!

  • Go talk to the CIA how long have we been in Latin America how long have we been fighting the cartel it’s never gonna stop America loves drugs

  • I'm curious to know if the locals see this horrendous slaughter as the same as us ignorant and oblivious Americans do or is this sadly just another awful mass murder committed against innocent civilians, to add to the many other atrocious murders that are being committed by drug cartels?

  • It's time to deport all Mexican's and cancel all given visas, work permits, and citizenship. Also give all Mexican, Guatemalas , Honduran, all of central Americans, as well as Hindus, Paskistanies, Arabs, Iraquis, and Muslims in the U.S. 72 to leave the country.

  • ISIS plotted to smuggle english-speaking terrorists through the Mexican border to carry out a financial attack that would “cripple” the US economy, according to a new report.
    Details of the terror group’s failed plan to exploit the southern border emerged in a confession last month from one recruit, Abu Henricki, who ultimately refused to go along with the mission.

  • Mexico, the worst place to invest, live in or even visit, infested with worthless mass murderer cartel thugs, its run by criminals, thank God we protect our borders better now.

  • NBC you are false people with only one agenda, your narrative, sensationalism, ratings and hate for Trump and love for Democrats. Look in the mirror you part of the problem, cowards.

  • "4 of my grandchildren are burnt and shot up, good thing I'm a Mormon with 50 grandchildren. And then Earl lost my hat."
    Trump Supporters: "We're sorry we got lost driving and thought it was Nancy Pelosi and her family. Billy-Ray's gun accidentally went off. This was just small arms fire.. We didn't even use the RPG we bought at a Rally. This doesn't mean we're handing over our guns to Mexico either. Build that wall ! First, can we have some directions to get home? "
    Liberals " Normally , we would protest such a heinous statement, but the wild fires in California will probably burn down the wall for us. Thanks."

  • This wasn't a random shooting.

    The mormons are the only ones fighting against the cartel in mexico.

    This was a targeted murder.

  • Hurry up and impeach President Trump so Americans don't have to drive all the way to Mexico to experience this level of cultural diversity…..

  • Do the cartels use weapons made in the United States, when will the United States stop arming the cartels? don't be hypocrites

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