Patriotic Farmhouse Tour 2019: Priscilla & Chelsea-The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch 4th of July

Patriotic Farmhouse Tour 2019: Priscilla & Chelsea-The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch 4th of July

here we go in the foyer we still have a railing but I still have the lantern something's different there's a couple of cross stitch pieces by the door with a little flag and a lantern on the little table and then in the living room the only real patriotic things I have are the all the patriotic pillows on the couches and there's quotes that we've made and crocheted blankets and on the coffee table there's 3 galvanized houses one of them under the cloche and then on the table is the newest chalkboard designs that we've released harvest chock-full there's two vintage windows that hang on the wall beside the china cabinet with cotton briefs attached and then on the back of the hutch it's filled with patriotic stitching and little vintage thrift store finds and chickens and radon and then in the hutch there's more redone lots of white plates mason jars and up on top of the hutch it's filled with soup tureens that have all been found at yard sales or flea markets or thrift stores and then we know there's a book page wreaths that we made on the sideboard there's more stitching one of them is Chelsea's I just finished it for two days ago so it's on display some Rae done and then on the table there's a vintage Christian tablecloth with a black Buffalo chuck piece of fabric made into a runner piece of stitching that is also not mine is from Kimberly's at the back quarter shop which I finished for patriotic sign a vintage enamel washtub and then on the wall is the star-spangled swine farm another one of my chalkboards that has been turned into cross stitch by hands on design I'm the chair in the corner of the dining room that's another piece that's not mine it's also from the back quarter shop and Denise's red white and blue and I finished that for her so these two pieces will be getting me on that this week but I thought that they'd look nice on my house for the home trip in the kitchen I have a plate rack that's filled with redone and the little students piece up on the top and this is another one of the chalkboards turn cross stitch this is the Liberty jar that will be coming out later next year radon canisters and radon mugs and then a little chicken coop shop from Hobby Lobby it's a perfect place to display redone and vintage chickens there's a wire closure on that end of the counter sitting in a metal tobacco basket and there's vintage chickens and daisies and a little America pillow in the hutch there's lots of redone there's a bunch of chickens on top there's a vintage picnic basket a wreath with crossed attunement and a little collection of cow creamers there's a flag garland and a daisy garland and also book page star garland I made and then there's cross stitch that I made into a banner to hang there on the bottom there's a vintage scale with another cow creamer more stitching more radon and the shelf on the wall there's enamel with Buffalo attacks stitching lots of black and white and look Buffalo chuck a three-tier tray sits in the middle of the kitchen table and it's filled with all kinds of things that are red white and blue lots of vintage pieces chalk board enamel ribbons daisies mason jars flags and I love to decorate the tiered train for all the different seasons another chalkboard there cross-stitch collaboration with hands on design and this is the queen bee flower farm and the farms are all seasonal so they switch out with all the seasons and of anything that says farmhouse so there's farmhouse signs in the kitchen and they like to decorate with chickens and cows and barns and galvanized and enamel I'm the Green hutch there's lots of stitched pieces and a coffee filter wreath hangs on the mirror a vintage scale and then next to glue very much there's a vintage window more stitching a vintage stool vintage watering can and of course some flags and it wouldn't start garlic and the well in the kitchen leading into the family room there's a chalkboard that I change out for the seasons up above the door is the vintage window with a stitched piece on it and then there's a wreath on the basement door with cross stitch on it on this vintage buffet there's a three-tiered oval tray there's a lot of stitching there's a chalkboard above it in a vintage frame that I also change out for the seasons and that's the chalkboard that I'll the mason jar cross stitches have been drawn on and the wall is a vintage pink my number frame with the cross stitch in it that was the first chalkboard across which collaboration I did with hands-on design and it was in the just cross stitch magazine i'm the hutch that i found on Craigslist that was hunter green that I chalk painted off-white and then distressed with glaze there's a Liberty sign which I got it Walmart this year couple of chickens some lanterns the rag garland that our friend rich in England made along with a dusty you know what's that stuff called lambs you looking I'm super Garland thank you and then in the hutch there's lots of stitching lots of vintage items mason jars and i'd love to decorate the much for all the seasons on the table there is a enamel bucket that's fitted with a chicken in it and some greenery and a flag and there's patriotic pillows on the couch along with quilts and crocheted blankets there's a vintage window with an another rad garland from rich for the basket full of flowers and the hearth is a piece of old fence that we had on a flea market with a cross-stitch piece on a piece of barnwood that we also got it at a flea market the shelves are filled with chickens and a few disney items and some mason jars and then on the mantle there was another chalkboard that I drew with the vintage truck Flags chickens flowers and there's metal houses they came from Michaels along with the galvanized lanterns that are on each end along with Flags bunting that I've tacked up there and daisies for a garland and on the hearts the flowers above the chalkboard were also made by her friend rich in England so thanks for coming and taking the tour we always love to show you everything and hope you enjoyed it and cash is here having a snack the Rockies okay bye bye trying to get them bye-bye

22 thoughts on “Patriotic Farmhouse Tour 2019: Priscilla & Chelsea-The Real Housewives of Cross Stitch 4th of July

  • Beautiful! Your home always reminds me of one you would see in a magazine! Thanks for sharing your decor! – Laura

  • Of course I really enjoyed this – got to put up my patriotic decor tomorrow! I only leave it up for about two weeks, and then I do beach decor!

  • Beautiful tour as always. Love all the stitching. Just amazing. Thanks so much for showing us your beautiful home. We are so appreciative of you taking the time to invite us all in. 😊

  • Hey long lost sister, when are you coming over to decorate my apartment? Love it all and we need a demo of the book page wreath, please.

  • I've watched all your home tours and find it so sweet and heartwarming you're always waiting at the door with your adorable grandson. My son is recently engaged so I guess that's why it speaks to me lol. I'm ready for some grandbabies dangit! Bring em on! And your home is so cozy and inviting. I'd describe your design aesthetic as country zen!

  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us! I see some chalk drawings that need to come to life in crossstitch!!😁 Do your neighbors have any idea that they are living next door to an artistic genius??!!

  • Loved the tour,so many pretties,and i see a few things that you have that i also have,like some of the same chickens and cows,plus that one table that's an antique,the ball foot table,i have that as well.Really enjoyed the tour as usual,you all did a GR8 job.Thank You for sharing the beauty with me.

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