Prime Minister Boris Johnson Traces His Family History | Who Do You Think You Are

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Traces His Family History | Who Do You Think You Are

Like honey and waitress or indeed
British Sharia I’m the produce of the more than one country Russian Lithuanian
Germans French English loads of English not much Scottish or wealthy as far as I
know not anything wrong with that Alexander Boris stuff Ethel Johnson Tory
politician and outspoken journalist was born in 1964 the eldest of four children
Boris grew up with stories of his rich diverse ancestry now he’s in search of
the truth behind the stories he wants to find out about the backgrounds of his
paternal grandparents who he called granddaddy and granny butter as a boy
Boris was aware both grandparents had intriguing ancestry worlds away from
their life as export farmers granny burger we were led to believe and it was
a subject of much hilarity for children we were led to believe that granny
Martha had immensely distinguished French Oh French Alsatian antecedents
when I say old station I mean from Alsace no they weren’t dogs my
grandfather it was also a wonderful guy but he was certainly less of a talker
Boris his grandfather Wilfred Johnson appeared a typical English farmer but he
was in fact half Turkish his father was Ali Kemal a politician and journalist
Boris knows that Ali Kemal had an untimely death but this was a subject
Wilfred never talked about it was a mystery none of us ever discussed Ali
Kemal with him and indeed I think there was a time that I’m told by my mother
them all the time when she vaguely brought something up about the Turkish
connection and my grandmother granny barter said I know you must never raise
that ever again to try to find out about his grandfather
Wilfred’s relationship with Ali Kemal Boris has come to see his own father
Stanley Stanley has dug out his father’s birth certificate which shows that his
original name was not wilfred Johnson at all a 4th September 1909 then here is a
name Osman movement a sex boy name and surname of father Ali came out obviously
from this document his surname his name when he started off gander school would
have been Osmond came out how do you know when down with the rest of the
class then well he didn’t talk about in particular okay Ali Kemal himself was
not present but he was thinking about his business and his mother died in
childbirth if she’s not there to witness it but his maternal grandmother Margaret
Braun appears to have been present at the present at the birth she was cool I
think Johnson as a as a maiden named Ali Kemal himself was not present but and
she effectively ran my father used to call her brought them up brought up my
father and his sister Selma while his children were growing up in England Ali
Kemal was living and working in Turkey left alone to bring up her grandchildren
Margaret Johnson decided to change their surname from the Turkish Kemal to the
more English Johnson one stage she’s obviously written to the Home Office cuz
we have a letter back from the Home Office dated 4 October 1916 madam in
reply to your letter of the 21st all tomorrow
Alton amis last month yes they say on the subject the nationality of your two
grandchildren I am directed by the secretary of state to say that the boy
is a British subject by a virtue of birth in this country and requires no
permission to change his name and so Adam then sport I think he is known as
Johnson he says since to hear it always we take our name from Molly Johnson otherwise we’d be always be who come off
well cause it might even you totally good thing to me come on
the amount I might be on the Tauri a list and then this new you must new
multicultural Britain from now on I am came out deed brand that he ever the
granddaddy Evan no party tomorrow no it’s all I know absolutely not he never
mentioned having ever met his father is there is a resemblance between them
yeah is actually as a journalist and politician himself
Boris has long been intrigued by the mysterious figure of his
great-grandfather Ali Kemal now he’s decided to travel to Turkey where Ali
Kemal was born to see what he can discover about his life and death to
some it’s done before you know several times but never on the Ali Kemal Trail
will have a big understanding about what he got up to but we don’t really know
but I don’t know why uses a stage is why he copped it more than ever what
happened you

100 thoughts on “Prime Minister Boris Johnson Traces His Family History | Who Do You Think You Are

  • Boris Johnson at least you know that you are truly from an ancient Ra Race Great Alexander & Williams Concrete from your father's Side Ali Osman

  • Al Stadium Al Statement Alsatian Al station think of the mummified bodies in great China of Han ✋ Handsome Hansen and Gretel lol Count Von Dracula Blood

  • Old Greek mythology Zeus's you actually come from a genuine Ali Osman ( Kamel ) meaning in English Amazing Grace from Great Alexandria genuine Je Surat

  • Old Greek mythology Zeus's you actually come from a genuine Ali Osman ( Kamel ) meaning in English Amazing Grace from Great Alexandria genuine Je Surat Al Stadium Al Statement Alsatian Al station think of the mummified bodies in great China of Han ✋ Handsome Hansen and Gretel lol Count Von Dracula Blood

  • That’s quite a sad story. His (great grandfathers) mother died after giving birth to him and his father abandoned him. I can see why he never liked talking about the family’s past.

  • Basically this was a Muslim family neglected by a father who did not see the big picture and a granny who wanted to erase the children's identity and succeeded.

  • The only thing I can see in common between Trump and Boris is the fact both are conservative and both have funny hair. Other than that I think Boris is by far smarter than Trump who seems to have no clue about politics and often acts like a child with very bad tantrum. His daily twits are parts of that!! LMAO.

  • This is actually more common than you think. For years I thought my name was Brian Turner but after a little digging around I found out I was actually called Faisal Ali Butt Butt. And that my mother, Maureen, was in fact called Fatima Noor Parveen.

  • Boris is a grandson of a Turkish Muslim. He should declare him a Muslim. Being a Muslim he has a better chance to be reelected in the next general election.

  • I would hazard a guess that very few of us are a pure race. We have been invaded in the past by Romans and Normans etc etc Our own family have German,French Welsh and English even some Scots Mongrels make the best animals

  • Perhaps the worst part of 'Brexit' is the sheer waste of money that has been spent on this when there are homeless families up and down the country living in refuges. Some of the people we see as feeding the homeless volunteers on the South coast includes families and youngsters who are literally starving and often with no shoes. Some of the adults we meet haven't eaten in two-three days and they feed themselves without taking a breathe. Well done Government for wasting what could have been saved.

  • Norman durrington, hank Johnson was the all time world royal marine, fleet air arms, inventented nano technology, hydraulics, fibre-glass to mention a few, Leicester labour slowly brought england down, as well as quenby prints and kieth vas bringing everything down too. Norman organised all the oil barrells. His Mercedes 500 DAT compressor had its breaks snipped, bang goes Norman on the m1.

  • Tell us more Mr Boris Johnson. Its interesting. In my own family from my great grandmothers side we have a family crest that is very similar to the British Royal Familys'

  • Have you released the Iranian Tanker yet? You just make a difficult situation worse. As you do by prolonging the pain of your Brexit fiasco.
    'RAISE YOUR GAME!' as the Rt Hon Speaker of the House commanded earlier this year.
    John Bercow is one of the few that actually understands the words 'Right Honourable Gentleman'. Where's your integrity man?

  • This was the responsible thing to do. The truth is always appreciated and rewarded. ☺ 👏

    Btw, I'm wondering about my origin. Only the British have those exact precise records of 1897 ship 🚢 travelling from Kolkata to Africa.

    Passenger 65831

  • No mention of who is responsible for the maintenance of the dam and why or how it was allowed to get like this. ? I am presuming that a water company is responsible. Probably paying out shedloads to their chief executive and their shareholders, while neglecting the infrastructure of their assets?

  • He (Ali Kemal) worked for the English occupiers and supported them. He has criticized and insulted the Turkish resistance against the Greeks and the English. Therefore, he was considered a traitor. He paid the treachery with his life since he was lynched by Nureddin pasha's soldiers in the open street (with stones and hammer was hit on his head) and then hung up. The appropriate punishment for Fatherland traitors.

  • I hope his become good prime minister from england later.good luck boris johnson.i'm waiting new from you on the sun you so much

  • He's not British. Everyone should know. Because this stuck up lunatic Turk Heinz 57 variety is going to take Britain down the road to disaster. His Brexit campaign was built on ant-immigration, fair enough, but he just doesn't have the right roots to this island! And so the land doesn't mean anything, he and the immigrants just don't have the deep connection to the earth. The soul is not a couple of generations, it takes thousands of years to be British. The DNA of the British Isles is Celtic. We were brainwashed about this Anglo Saxon Kraut BS. This man is a parody, aping an Englishman, with his phony accent.

  • Who cares about his family origins? We already have a few Asians and Moslems occupying seats of power so surely it is of no interest.
    I am of Anglo-Saxon stock. Does that mean that leadership of the Free World should be mine just for the asking?
    Winston was half American and nobody got their knickers in a twist over that. We've endured both Welsh and Scottish PMs and survived the experience. If you are really aggravated by the purity of a person's blood take a look at the Royal Family. Shock! Horror!

  • Brother boris, salaam e leikum from Leeds. I'd still rather be a Pakistani than a Turk. We will welcome Leeds utd or any other fans to galatasari post Brexit.

  • During WWII the Americans said to Churchill: "We offer you a very good deal if you join us in fighting the Nazis." After WWII the Americans watched the UK go into the worst recession of its history without doing anything. Even though the US had an incredible economic boom. Instead the Americans helped Holocaust-Germany to have an economic boom as well. In turns out they only wanted controll over the German ecomony. Today it is Trump that offers us a special deal. The goal is the same. The US wants to use the UK to destory the EU so that it can have the German economy for itself. And the UK will be fooled once again.

  • Ali is a Turkish man so is Boris Johnson a descendant of a Turkish man.

    Dam very very Muslim. It ain’t no shame in that lol.

  • So Johnson's real name is Kemal. Oh ironies! The man trying to be PM, who said 'we have to keep the Turks' out, is one!

  • Ok, seeing pictures of him as a kid I now really get the hair problem. And dad seems to have the same hair, just a slightly better barber.

  • slovely bunch, that, post turk…and boris practically knocks his dear old dad over getting into the house… gads…

  • Doesn't surprise me Boris like all the establishment figures in the world have a bloodline family history of Sphychopathic power hungry crackpots. So long as he gives us no deal Brexit that's all we want off him.

  • Now the world has two spoild brats running most of the free world.
    I just wonder how it all is going to go. I pray to god that this man has the real stuff to run England as england had three other country(Wales, The noth of Ireland and Scothland) that the people are proud to be from and call their mother lands, But also they are proud to be standing side to side with their fellow European countrys men.
    I just hope you can prove me wrong sir and show that your are more than a spoided brat.

  • Dear intelligent open-minded members of the British public. It has come down to the terrible but at least simple choice between Trump with blonder hair and a bigger waistline or a man who, despite all is faults is simply not comparable to the level of evil he is opposing. Surely we should put our differences aside and do whatever it takes to avoid the former. Any vote which runs the risk of helping the former is surely a vote that goes against any morals you must have. We MUST join together and rid ourselves of this piece of dishonest scum and all his tax-dodging chums. It must surely be our priority. This is beyond disgrace.

  • Trump asked who is the real enemy of the US? Boris Johnson or the Fed chairman? I ask who is the REAL president of the United Stated of America? Donald Trump or Hymietown Howard Stern

  • to boris's father your sperms, produced boris, jo, two "opposing" son…must be proud or not ??? btw boris how does it feel the detrayal by your own blood brother ???

  • "… I mean they were Alsace, they weren't dogs…". Shame. I was hoping to see photos of perfectly groomed (or would they be chicly tousled?) blonde Alsatian dog faces in that family tree

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