REHEARSING OUR WEDDING DAY!!!! *it's tomorrow*

REHEARSING OUR WEDDING DAY!!!! *it's tomorrow*

you may now kiss the bride today we thought today we don't know we do ecologist sure you know this is just like Choa clothes and I just had an amazing afternoon and we thought we'd blog it you know sickly yes I feel what's going on smoke we got you behind the scenes of on top okay so don't you know we're doing bear with us we kinda wanted to practice some of the day this was coming my likes are getting married in a few days time do not know and we just thought we'd have a little practice have some bits and bobs hey do not worry this isn't my wedding outfit oh yeah we gotta get the whole vibe in yeah hey oh wow this is great you can practice I can try to do a job okay perfect yeah so yes we're getting married in a few days and we thought we would do some wedding day rehearsals all the source of it you could have pretend to be the Registrar I would just leave my shoes on go get your shoes what my shoes not already do not fear the shoes are here James gonna put this on we'll be right back boom there he is we can rehearse with you yes you should be the Registrar says yes I'll set sir yes just like sitting on the time she slips and falls over nice gotta go aren't you gonna stand up use your friends to talk about for this what the register on will do on the dirt you know I'm gonna be the table you take has to be your lawfully wedded wife I do you don't take yourself to be a little walk so this is just a wedding day rehearsal guys okay so I'm just going to leave the vows whose concert you signed here's where you're going so so yeah exactly so I some of the Cybermen and yeah this is what I'm thinking do you I see so this is power sander domination ship I see by the stove you better stand that literally stand like this yeah and then some stunt Oh what are you gonna do boom I'm gonna do this okay ready you're a peak I'm gonna do great our going but mental as I went in a few days we just type of thing there's two ways to walk right I'd be on the other side of you as well yes so we could we get in this so long I have this the words so I'm gonna be behind me the Registrar now so we can just practice the words that we have to say so me and James are doing a non religious ceremony so these are the words that you have to say for that chocolate yeah Jacques Kallis always sets those canvases perfect right for her I know I don't realize him that and so we only have like two lines of words that we have to follow from the registrar are you solemnly declare Oh stress value I do solemnly declare I do solemnly declare that I know not that I know not of any lawful impediment only lawful implements that's why you've got practice settlement impediment is present though you know look at the audience we know any impediment Google impediment I don't know what that means weii weii James Whittaker James William William oh weii James William Whittaker weii James will you accept may not be joined may not be joined in matrimony and much money is it that right in matrimony in maximally matrimony you said that so there's so many roads that occur like you two carat weight on the divan again in matrimony to Karis gray in matrimony to Karis anagram okay there's something my other side you can somehow anyone this makes it all sound super feeling cute really yeah maybe facing each other yeah we can hold hands if you want yes can we do that boo because I feel safer when I'm with you just don't know you much you feel like you're getting like granted 74 people's eyes will be on us good well I know need all John okay this is nice I do songs honestly I do solemnly declare I do solemnly declare that I hydra-matic so can you do no not that I know not of any lawful impediment of any lawful impediment why I curse Anna GREs why I carats Anna GREs may not be joined may not be joined dances checkers in my homily she talks with James William Whitaker in matrimony is that right matrimony – James William Whitaker be my lawful wedded husband to be my lawful wedded husband just say I do is that it what do you think I do it we don't lost the thing oh just a shame we never get to stand up did she say you may now kiss the bride maybe we need to practice if we're facing each other yeah you may now kiss the bride just pop me off you may now kiss the bride you may now okay you may now kiss the bride are we doing that I want you to do that I'm sorry sight you may now kiss the bride see we clash terms very bad I put my room in we may know we may now kiss the bride the thing on my dress with my dress is there it's like dreams of also in the evening this is an Indian issue for dancing but during the day there's something on my dress that means I can't put my arms up here so I can't be hugging you like this below and you come about okay only me now pista you may now kiss the bride bye you're meant to kiss me sorry I'm so keen William you may now kiss the bride I know sir the sexist how about you may now kiss the husband you may now kiss the groom don't overwater you may now kiss your wife may now kiss the missus so why the other half now kiss the bride okay that meal one white wine thank you Oh flowers for the top table yeah Oh red wine obviously play now while eating our dinner so so how do you eat the puzzle oh you work outside in outside in yeah and you might have idea which left side first yeah you're not meant to scoop you want to scoop some when to scoop on the back of you know unless you hate them wrong huh I know the right way let me show you I don't trust myself so why because it's cold you hold by the stem you don't warm up yeah actual wine red wine because it's room temperature you can hold it by the actual glass that's fine Cheers did we do that on the wedding day do what you want Cheers technically chances no more etiquette oh but people like who cares I'm done we're so good and when you eat yeah and I try and take small bites I've talked to myself as well I'm not I'm not patronizing Karis because we are both shovel it all in we don't speak way too much at a time but keep posture yes enjoy the time for the day just enjoy the day while acting completely unnaturally oh yes darling I'm delightful salmon yeah you don't twist yourself oh I don't know that's okay you don't toast yourself thank you guys this is getting all too much okay well until the first dance night okay this is an intense one we need to practice this we've changed our idea about the first dance here's our dance floor with the dance floor good thing is our first dance we chosen a song that is that is actually and not copyrighted yes so we ended up going for a song that I use you guys probably have heard it a million times I always use yeah I do the editing I always pick when we do a human Taj's of me again or like little bits I give it almost much like oh yeah put on the speaker so I always pick the song called rose in the garden I love it so much the first time I heard it and download it I which you loved it and I was like this song is so good for me and James rose in the garden I love it I love it I love it let's do our first dance okay yeah first yeah what do you do before the first dance is cut the cake oh yeah okay so the fact is that that's the cake imaginary cake and then can I actually do it oh we're cute careful it's such a long hair and it goes is it okay now you just cut one to you let me see the tears so then I'll throw you the carrot cake through the car okay there's chocolate salty caramel through the victorious okay so now yeah so this is a good point to remember don't take the knife onto the dance floor for the first dance that is not a good thing everyone stay away you guys must know this song you're yeah yeah that's the nice any moon in which we are taking completely off social media I think that's no synthetic July until the 10th of July you will not get social media that we know uploads on this YouTube calluses Instagram no uploads and calluses YouTube mother noone cares but that whoa these are the returns to life update you on our wedding we can't wait it's gonna be good for us to take some time off but we can't wait to get back and we will miss you guys so much thank you so much for following our wedding journey and just our life journey in general I'm really sad I'm I don't do is almost over I'm sure no I'm not gonna if you guys so much we love you so much we appreciate all your comments we appreciate all your love you know we I know we say all the time but we really really do we really love reading your comments and they mean the world to us and always support and everything anything thanks so much guys I'll see you soon bye MA

48 thoughts on “REHEARSING OUR WEDDING DAY!!!! *it's tomorrow*

  • I started watching your channel from wedding dress try on. I have loved getting to follow along on your wedding journey. So fun to see the differences from American traditions. Can’t wait to get to see the actual day! Wish y’all the best♥️♥️♥️

  • You two are so cute and funny together ( I laughed throughout the entire video). Absolutely ment for one another. I wish you all the best on your journey together as husband and wife 💑❤️

  • I seriously love the energy and excitement you guys have in this video!! Ugh love how random and chill this is too! So excited for you two!

  • It make me feel so happy to watch this video !! You’re such a amazing couple and can’t wait to see the video of your wedding ❤️❤️

  • HAPPY WEDDING DAY TO YOU BOTH! can’t wait too see photos & videos! absolutely fell in love with you two watching the 10,000 calorie challenge & ive been a fan/subscriber since then! beyondddd happy for you both💖 such a beautiful and amazing couple wish nothing but the best💖🧡❤️

  • The practice of the first dance just made me laugh. The love you have for one another is beautiful. Congratulations!! 💗

  • I love how at 12:03 Carys almost became Janice from Friends 😂
    You guys crack me up! I loved this video sooooo much!!!!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding video. xx

  • With the whole “you may now kiss the bride” part, I was always curious what would happen and a male gay wedding. I was fortunate enough to witness my beautiful cousins wedding, and what the person leading said to him and his now husband is, “you may now kiss”

  • HAPPY WEDDING DAY! Hope you have an amazing day! Carys you will be the most beautiful bride! cant wait for the wedding video xxxxx

  • Awww have the most amazing wedding day both of you! ❤️❤️ cant wait till to see photos/vlogs 😁 enjoy and congrats you lovely people xx

  • You are the loveliest couple, and really meant to be! Today is your wedding day and I wish you the best day ever and the happiest lives together 🥳 can’t wait to see it all! Love you guys 💗💗💗

  • Ahhhh. I know you probably won’t see this, but it’s midnight for me and like 5am or something for you because I live in Ohio and the time zone difference is I believe five hours. Eeeek. That means that it’s 5am and you’re probably waking up soon to get ready for the big day, and I just want to say congrats before it even happens because I’m sure the ceremony will be over by the time I wake up because of the time difference and I’ll wake up at around 10 or 11, depending on how much longer I stay up. Just, congrats you amazing people. I’ve watched you guys since the 10,000 calorie challenge Carys did in like 2017 and I feel like I just know you so well without never having met you, but this makes me so happy and I’m just going to have a great sleep knowing two amazing people are going to get married today. 💛💛🐝🐝

  • It's going to be so difficult for nearly the next two weeks to not have our Jarys vlogs, but I couldn't be happier for the two of you! I'm so excited to see your wedding (and the dress! I can't wait!) and appreciate the two of you bringing us along for so much of your wedding journey. You're an adorable couple absolutely made for each other, and I wish you all the best in your future as Mr. and Mrs.! And if I have my time conversion right (east coast US here) you're more than likely only a few hours away from the I do's, try to soak in as much as you can, because the day is a blur, and always continue to lean in to each other for all the support and comfort, so you don't get too overwhelmed with everything happening. <3

  • Are you guys planning on filming your wedding day? Btw I love you both so much and wish you guys the best 💗

  • I love this and I love the fact u did your I do sign still says 7 days xx Enjoy every minute and can't wait to see what u do on ur honeymoon xx I've been married 12 yrs this yr and as long as ur married to ur best friend life is full of fun xxx

  • I wish you the best♥️
    You are perfect together and deserve every bit of happiness coming your way. Stay amazing and love always♥️♥️♥️

  • this was the most wholesome and wonderful video, ahhh wish you guys the most incredible day!! Love Carys’ wedding planner/librarian vibes with the glasses, clipboard and clicky shoes😂 good luck guys, hope you have a wonderful wonderful day💛💛

  • Omg I am so excited!! 🙊 you’re both so amazing and I can’t wait to see photos and sneaky snips of it ❤️

  • Just cracking up at you singing the aisle song 😂😂 have a wonderful day you two, so so happy for you ❤️

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