Family Fun Halloween Pranks! / AllAroundAudrey

(Fun Halloween music) – Hi, guys! It’s Audrey and today I’m gonna be pulling some more pranks on my family! So you guys really loved my last pranking video. I think we should do the same pranking video, but switch up Halloween edition. So it’s actually been a quiet few like weeks since my last […]

Thief steals a woman’s engagement ring at nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD

*music plays* Giselle is getting a manicure to show off her new ring. Oh my gosh. It’s a beautiful ring Thank you But Madison is about to pilfer that bling here’s the ring dish Got my color I’ll be right back. Oh, I’ll help you Does this situation look familiar the French tip theif the […]

Family drive through flames escaping California wildfire

Heavenly father, please help us. Please help us to be safe. I am thankful for [unclear – Jeremy?] and his willingness to be brave.

Our FAMiLY NiGHT ROUTiNE! | Behind the Braids Ep.69

Law & Order: SVU – A Family Destroyed (Episode Highlight)

My Polyamorous Pregnancy | EXTREME LOVE

ROSE SULLIVAN: We have four boys, who are all under seven years old. BUDDY SULLIVAN: It was a surprise, but now we’re having another one. ROSE SULLIVAN: I had dated both Buddy and Lauren in the past so, and then me and Buddy got back together and then after time, I looked up Lauren on […]

Ronald Steven – Music Production Documentary – Asian Games 2018 : Opening Ceremony

My Name is Ronald Steven I’m the music director of the Asian Games 2018 opening and closing ceremony. First, my manager Jitta Papilaya he was handling all the deals, schedules, timeline and etc. and then Opet Alatas (I am) the Production Coordinator for the Ronald’s music team Then, Rayendra Sunito he’s the mixing engineer at […]

Polygamy, Malcolm X & Farrakhan’s Rise To Success | Min. Farrakhan, Dick Gregory, Mother Tynetta

Music – You aint got nothing…….. since the first majora sign of rebellion when the moon departed first God saw it in plain view, the trouble started. First competitor snake you know his repertoire, kinda like your brother in jail calling shot for yall. While yall out banging one another like fools, and occasionally hitting […]

Will and Natalie’s Engagement Party – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

I Escaped A Sex Cult

DAWN WATSON: Growing up, I believed that the way to express God’s love is through sexuality. So, as children, as you learn to brush your teeth, we learnt to have sex. DAWN WATSON: We lived in big communities that were closed. We didn’t have access to the outside world. From since a small girl, I […]