Together We are a Family l Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Together we are a family My mother, brother, sisters, my father, and me Together we are a family My mother, brother, sisters, my father, and me Together we go my family and I We make the snow man come to life. Daddy will dress him head to toe Mommy will find a stone for his […]

Psycho Soldier Theme | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Psycho Ball fires off its light Athena’s figure gives off her radiance Hide the Psycho Power in your heart As you run the endless path Even if you can’t see the blue skies anymore… Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier! Fire! Fire! Psycho Soldier! Shave off the darkness with the Psycho Sword Athena has come to […]

HoH Ceremony 2019 Highlight

GEN Nakasone: Hundreds of thousands of people, both military and civilian have served within our Agency throughout our 67 year history — Yet only 94 of them are recognized in our Hall of Honor — Lt Gen Ken Minihan who is being recognized as an inductee today established the Cryptologic Hall of Honor. Lt Gen […]

Our Three-Way Relationship Is A Beautiful Thing | EXTREME LOVE

Ashley: I would definitely say our love is extreme love. Not everybody can handle what it takes to have a three person relationship. Keila: There’s people that are going to judge of course because of peoples religion. Deborah: That’s my daughter, why did I not know this? I had to deal with all that. I […]

Labor senators grill Mathias Cormann over travel bookings: ‘It’s an odd arrangement’

There can’t be any suggestions at all that this was ever intended to be free travel or that it was free travel. It wasn’t. There was obviously a charge carried in the system within the business against that travel, a charge that I assumed had been processed against my credit card but it turns out […]

Psycho Soldier Theme (Overseas Version) | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Athena’s name is magic, mystery… is what you see Her crystal is the answer fighting fair to keep us free She’s just a little girl with power inside burning bright You’d better hide if you are bad… she’ll get you She’ll read your mind and find if you believe in right or wrong! Fire! Fire! […]

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (May 17th 9am Ceremony)

on behalf of the president the administration the faculty staff and students of California State University San Marcos I proclaim this commencement convened good morning I am dr. graham Oberon provost and vice president for academic affairs the symbols and traditions that we observe in this ceremony today are intended to honor and affirm our […]