Learn Live 10: Arrangement View automation

In this video, we’re going to have a look at how we can work with Automation in Arrangement View. Automation in the Arrangement View can be added in 3 ways, either by recording it in using a Push, a MIDI controller, or a mouse or track-pad, by entering it manually with the Shapes menu or […]

Ableton Master Class: Adding Songs in Arrangement View

Alright so we’ve looked at how to make a set list in session view, but what if you want to actually run your tracks in arrangement view. That’s what’s awesome about Ableton Live is there’s so many ways to do the same thing. It really just depends on what works best in your workflow. So […]

Learn Push 2: Recording in the Arrangement View

When creating music using Push, you’re recording these ideas in the ‘session’ view in Live. However, there are some functions that you can perform from Push that allow you to work in the ‘arrangement’ view. In this video we’re going to have a short look at how that works. So I have a project set […]

Ableton Master Class: MIDI Mapping (Arrangement View)

In arrangement view, if you want to assign an external MIDI controller to control the different song sections or to stop and start your tracks, you can do that pretty easily. All you got to do is just plug in your MIDI controller, So i’m going to go to Live and go to preferences, and […]

Learn Live 10: Moving between Session and Arrangement Views

Once you’ve sketched out some ideas in the Session view using clips you will then want to lay them out in an arrangement on a timeline. In this video we’re going to take a look at how you can get your ideas from the Session view into the Arrangement view. In my current Live Set, […]

Learn Live 10: Arrangement View

Let’s take a look at the Arrangement View in Live where you can lay out your clips along a timeline to create a song arrangement, or you can record and edit audio or MIDI directly in the Arrangement View. In Live the Arrangement View displays the arrangement. This consists of music you’ve laid out along […]

Learn Live 10: Arrangement View shortcuts

In the Arrangement View there are several handy keyboard shortcuts that can really help you speed up your workflow. Let’s take a look at these. To split an audio or MIDI clip at a selection pressCmd + Eon a Mac orCtrl + Eon windows. To consolidate 2 or more clips together pressCmd + Jon a […]

Learn Live 10: Editing clips in Arrangement View

In this video, let’s take a look at editing midi and audio clips in the Arrangement view. In the Arrangement view in Live, audio and midi clips can be split or consolidated. To split an audio or midi clip simply click into the Arrangement view until the Insert marker is visible. Go to the drop-down […]