Goose Visits Man Who Rescued Her Every Day | The Dodo

for everyone else there's been shock of the flying for us it's kind of like a walking the dog I was out on the boat with friends we discovered her in the lake like struggling by herself we ended up I near family but they rejected her she had to hurt foot I think that […]

Alaska Cruises – An Incredible Vacation Destination

explore Alaska whose history stretches back tens of thousands of years to the last ice age encounter the true essence of Alaska's native cultures and the traditions be mesmerized by Alaska's captivating wildlife and let the astonishing landscapes amaze you on your incredible journey discover native cultures and learn about the history of the Alaskan […]

In Need Of A Holiday – Simon's Cat | COLLECTION

Urlaubsbedürftig Wenn das Leben stressig wird… Musst du Urlaub machen… Also pack' deine Sachen… Runter! Wenn du weg bist, geschieht folgendes… Und wenn du zurückkommst… Als ob du nie weggewesen wärst…

There’s an Awakening! | Destination WILD

[striking a match] [whoosh] NARRATOR: It's late Marchin the Cairngorm Mountains and the hills are on fire. The old heather isbeing put to the torch to stimulate new growthfor the grow season. Traditionally, this infernomarks the end of winter and the start of springin this wilderness. But spring is themost unpredictable of all seasons in […]

Have You Wondered Where The Top Six Dog-Friendly US Destinations Are?

sometime last year rod and Amy Burkert decided to go on a year-long road trip around the u.s. using their recreational vehicle they didn't plan to travel like married couples enjoying a vacation together they have two dogs that needed to join them on the trip they have an 11 year old German Shepherd named […]

Rescued Sheep and Her Lamb Get a Baby Shower | The Dodo Party Animals

he's wild he is wild meanwhile man he's a little adventure he very much is a mama's boy and follows baba very closely we didn't know blah blah I'm just pregnant when she got here I knew that we needed to save baba because not only would it be her would have been him that […]


work is my gift so Steve uh uh what do you have going on here oh no what does it look like what's going on here um picnic because if you're thinking the other thing I'm thinking you're crazy sure everyone like it up subscribe right now when was that 16 million baby let's go […]

Bear Cubs Stranded in Rising Tides | Destination WILD

[music playing] NARRATOR: Stuffed with clamsor milk, it's siesta time. [snuffling] Yet while they sleep, whenthey wake up, they're stranded. [bird cries] The cubs are helpless. They need mom to find a placethey can cross back to shore. She tests the depth. The little cubs aren'tstrong enough to swim far. Brown bear cubs has been […]

My Girls Have Come Back To Visit Me!!! – Takis Shelter