Man CRIES OUT In Church That He Wants To MARRY… And THIS HAPPENS!!!

The SCOAN Sunday Service It’s alright. During a Sunday service, there is a seeming distraction in the congregation. We can see here, a young man creating a scene. Brother! Please take it easy. Come. What’s wrong? Come. I want to get married, I am not yet married. You want to get married? Yes, sir. And […]

The Try Guys Try Cringey Couples Halloween Costumes

– I’m actually due very soon, we’re expecting. – Aaaah! – Halloween! – The time for wizards and witches to get it on! – Today, the Try Guys are trying on some of the most cringey Halloween costumes for couples ever invented. – This is the greatest day of my life. – Every year, you […]

Holiday — Making of “Share Your Gifts” — Apple

this particular set is enormous I love the combination of practical sense with CG characters so you get amazing performance from the characters but we're still in this really art directed environment makes people connect with it ready the main story is about a young woman who is creative but she never lets her creativity […]

DIY Bridesmaids Bags

I need a sponge brush you're also going to need um some glitter glue this is a tulip of a fabric litter glue like a census for fabric it is it tells you to put the glue on put the glitter and then let it dry for two hours and then you wash it um […]

CAMPING TRIP TO WILD WEST WITH BALDI?! | Roblox: Time Travel Adventures/Wild West

all right now you don't want to mess with me this is Tim's rifle Brian now this uses a lot of damage Wow oh no oh wow now that's a lot of damage oh yes now looks like I'm gonna have to battle last click when in green good Wow all right I mean wow […]

Guided Tour — iPhone XS and iPhone XR — Apple

♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ Mackenzie Yates: Hey! Today, I'm going to show youthe new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, which comesin six different finishes. ♪ I like the blue one. I'll walk you throughsome simple ways to get around, Face ID, how to use Depth Controlwith the amazing new cameras, and […]

Back To Eden Garden Full Tour 7-17-16 L2Survive with Thatnub

☃️WILL CAMPING BALDI SURIVIVE GIANT YETI?! | Roblox: Time Travel Adventures Subzero/Cavemen Ending

what is that oh no guys oh yeah run downhill go into it up what's that Oh No look at that guy's there's our Yeti no worries I have it lies he's taking so what's up guys spits furling you're back in today we playing time travel adventures and now looks like we're back here […]

WORLDS BEST TECH DORM ROOM TOUR!!!! (Carnegie Mellon University)

hey what's going on guys been here and I'm back today with a brand new video and this is gonna be a little bit of a different one today we're actually doing a room tour now building this room and this setup took months and months as you'll see in some of the shops it's […]