Baby Shower Centerpiece 🍼 for Boys or Girls Super Easy Diy

hi everyone welcome back to my craft room if you're new to my craft room then welcome today I am working on another baby shower centerpiece I did one a couple weeks ago for a little girl so a lot of people asked if I had any ideas for boys so this one I'm making […]

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[Applause] so today was baby Riley's baby shower and a finally home really exhausted it's been an exhausting day I just I feel so overwhelmed with so much love I mean this baby's not here yet and she is loved by so many people and so I'm just like really really grateful that I have […]


We like your shirt. Thank you. Hi everyone! So today is my baby shower. My virtual baby shower. Will’s family is throwing me a baby showerover the internet. We’re going to Skype. Hopefully we can get it to work. Or we’ll have the laptop up. And they sent us a bunch of gifts. And we’re […]

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