hallo und herzlich willkommen zu meiner baby shower party bio unschwer erkennen könnt bekommen wir eine prinzessin alles ist ein rosa mein intro wird allerdings jetzt kurz denn ich habe nicht mehr sehr viel zeit meine gäste kommen gleich und ich freue mich schon total ich muss jetzt aber schnell meint opel machen für meine […]

Bride Of Chucky – Tiffany Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Oh Oh down the treatise on the girl hey guys so before we start here's the photo of her makeup being shown in the movie this will be our reference guide for our look today the first thing you will need of course is your hair I just bought a blonde wig with black roots […]

House Tour!

hello everyone and welcome to my crib hey everyone its Chloe so today I'm showing you guys my house which is crazy because the only reason I showed you my house the last house tour was because I was moving but I got an insane amount of requests for a house tour like the second […]


hello today I got up super early and went to see a lot of Porter which if you watch my Instagram you'll know what I'm talking about it's called lipo friend Pro and it's basically like a radiofrequency and muscle stimulation that she does over my stomach not my stomach anymore but like my bun […]


hi guys welcome back to my channel so for today's video we are doing something a little bit different than what we're used to some of you might know that a few months ago my husband and I got married we went to the courthouse here in Montreal and then we just hopped on a […]

SURPRISE Baby Shower! | For Marie (bitsandclips)

hey guys so welcome to the reason I haven't been filming very many videos lately I just pulled up to the location and let me just explain a little tiny heat in a back story as you saw recently I filmed a video with Murray from bits and clips and a few months back well […]


hi guys I mean Morales and I'm aware I look a little rough but today we are I I am going to be getting ready for prom now here's the same stitch sick I'm homeschooled so basically I don't really have a prom but I got a prom dress and like accessories and stuff and […]


dancing huh aha good morning guys so if you recognize we are not in our usual background sorry ignore the horrible mess in the room we've created quite a mess as we do every time we get into a hotel room well actually here in Byron Bay we've come down for canapes wedding which we […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Prom || More Prom Advice

Hey so do you recognize the background do you recognize the video are you getting excited so last year if you didn't know I filmed attend things I wish I knew before prom and you guys loved it it is one of my most watched videos and I know it was pretty like relevant and […]

Wig Transformation | 1970s Prom Wig

well hello you guys today I have another wig transformation and it is this beauty right here by 21 tres it's the H prom the color is for 327 and it is very interesting looking as you can see here now believe this is some kind of a prom hairdo from the 70s because of […]