Get ready for prom with me + pictures!

25 Travel Hacks You NEED to Know! | Aspyn Ovard

oh you're running on the right track hi guys today all about my top favorite travel hacks and I get asked to do a video about this all the time if you guys are not subscribed to my channel make sure you guys hit the subscribe button down below and also give this video a […]


Modern Bridal Makeup of 2019 part 2

Best LONG-LASTING Flawless Foundations for Your WEDDING DAY! 💍 Bridal Makeup

all right so we are in wedding season I feel like wedding season I was just like all year round but it is summer one of my most asked questions from you guys is I'm getting married what foundation should I wear and I never have one answer for that because foundations look totally different […]

What girls do before PROM!!!

Bridal / Bridesmaid Makeup Tutorial | Hooded Eyes

hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I'm filming a special makeup video it is a whole sort of Bridal slash bridesmaid makeup video in case you didn't know I actually was asked by my friend who got married to do the bridesmaids makeup she had five bridesmaids and three of them were […]

34 Weeks Pregnant: Baby Shower!!!

hey guys it's NASA welcome to my 34 week pregnancy update let's go let's jump right into my app it says her slippery code that protects her from the amniotic fluid is starting to fall off and her immune system keeps getting stronger confusion and blurry vision are fairly common as your hormones rage just […]


hi guys coming back to my channel today I am doing my final makeup trial for my wedding which is literally in less than week I know you guys are probably one in tune or what I ended up going forward for my way to makeup so here as a trial of what I'm pretty […]


hallo und herzlich willkommen zu meiner baby shower party bio unschwer erkennen könnt bekommen wir eine prinzessin alles ist ein rosa mein intro wird allerdings jetzt kurz denn ich habe nicht mehr sehr viel zeit meine gäste kommen gleich und ich freue mich schon total ich muss jetzt aber schnell meint opel machen für meine […]