Why did God allow polygamy in the Bible?

Jesus is Counselor

When I say the word prophecy the general reaction among non church people and a lot of church people is skepticism. Mostly because of all the so-called prophecies that haven’t come true. You might remember some of them, according to the Mayan calendar the world is supposed to end in 2012. We’re still here! In […]

Ketubah: The Jewish Wedding Contract

You could spend months learning the ins and outs of what makes a Jewish wedding tick. Everyone has something to say about it. The Bible, rabbis, legal codes, this guy. The Ketubah is a pretty short, straightforward document, often hand-written by specially trained scribes, that condenses all of that down to the rights and responsibilities […]

FEBC News • February 2019 • By FEBC

Welcome to FEBC News Here are the top stories from our ministry fields around the world. Ministry to Yao Muslims Bears Fruit FEBC Staff Visits Listeners in Northern Thailand Two New Cities Reached in Far East Mongolia Martial Law in Ukraine Threatens Evangelicals Story from a Listener in the Philippines Over the past few months, […]

Navigating Callings Within a Marriage

– [Erik Thoennes] I think all Christians are called not just to be disciples but to be ministers, and I think the details of what that calling looks like can vary throughout our lives. And so, I’m not someone who thinks that there’s a clear biblical teaching on a calling, but I think we need […]

What Jesus Says About Sex (and cheating)

– So when is cheating on someone actually cheating? [upbeat music] Hey, everybody, my name is Chris Paavola and welcome to “What Jesus Says About,” where Jesus speaks for himself, so you can respond for yourself. And don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and that little bell, so you can say up-to-date on what […]

What can pain do to your relationship with your spouse?

Ankerberg: Talk about your relationship with Ken during this time. Tada: I remember one night, Ken had just had too much. He sat on the edge of the bed, shook his head and heaved, and said, “Joni, I can’t do this. I’m trapped. I feel so trapped.” When he said that, I suddenly felt this […]

Sexuality, monogamy, polygamy and sexual slavery.

okay, this time I’m going to talk about not a comfortable subject to talk about but necessary in my opinion because it seems taboo and in many societies it is which is sexuality, right? So different people have different sexualities that’s not something new, right? Although there’s a tendency of groups of people, you know […]

Dr Adnan Ibrahim l Is Polygamy specific to Islam?! l ¡¿El Islam inventó la poligamia?!