4ft 4in Weightlifter Finds Love With 6ft 3in Transgender Woman

COMM: 52-year-old Anton Kraft is just four foot four tall. Although he’s small in stature, he’s big when it comes to brawn. ANTON: I am basically the only guy in the world who ever benched four times his bodyweight before. COMM: Anton’s a massive personality on the competitive weightlifting circuit, where he showcases his impressive […]

The Strongest Family in the World | My Crazy Obsession

In a typical suburban neighborhood outside Las Vegas an average American family is just starting its day. Dylan, JJ! But this family is going to have to do some heavy lifting Good girl! There we go. To push their bodies above and beyond average because… We’re the strongest…family…in the world! Yeah! Come on, honey. Almost […]

Girlfriend, Break-Up, & Pre-Wedding Shoot| Stand-up Comedy by Gourav Mahna| Canvas Laugh Club