Morals, Values, Sanskriti and Love Marriage. How to have a successful Love Marriage

The Morals and Values (Sanskriti) of every Religion are slowly Dyeing Imagine this is pure Sanskriti (Morals and Values) Which existed long ago Let me show you what happens in just 3 generations What percentage (%) of your parents’ good qualities (Sanskriti) do you possess? For now, let’s imagine you have 30% of the good […]

Sesame Street: Grover discusses What Is Marriage?

GROVER: Hi, Jesse. JESSE: Hi, Grover. GROVER: How you? JESSE: Fine. GROVER: Good. I have a question for you. JESSE: What is it? GROVER: Well, do you know what marriage is? JESSE: A marriage is when two people get married. GROVER: Yeah, yeah. That’s good. That’s marriage. What else? When they get married, then, what […]

Snog Marry Avoid Pierced Goth couple Full episode s01e02 part 1 of 2

One Two three Have You ever Seen Those Girls Who Wear too much Makeup Too Much Bells Tan They Carry Extenders and Daffy Long Nails and Think how Great They look Without it all This is the show for you the Girls of the uk are drowning in Bakery and They Really don’t need it […]

First Dance Surprise Groomsmen vs. Bridesmaids Dance Off


Bride Finds Her Groom Trembling Before Wedding, THEN She Does This

hey you don't live with regret stick around to see how one couple stuck together and use their faith to beat the stress of nuptials in the United States alone people spend billions of dollars a year trying to achieve their dream wedding for most couples planning the perfect day means finding the perfect venue […]

Bride Knew He Was Cheating On Her, But She Waited Until This Day To Get Revenge

extreme trends presents a bride knew he was cheating on her but she waited until this day to get revenge before we begin to us a favor and click that like button also subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell to be inspired by these heartwarming stories every day a bride's wedding day […]

How to Make a Diaper Cake Tutorial for a Baby Shower (Step by step instructions)