Ask A Polyamorous Person

– So, is every sexual experience an orgy? (laughing) Yes, I’m so exhausted. – No, do you know how hard it is to plan an orgy? – And orgies are not that common. I’ve been to one, and most of the time I spent there was in the corner eating Oreos. Why isn’t one person […]

16 Weird Relationship Milestones

(Yawning) (Upbeat Music) (Passing gas) – All right. Uh, what’s your password? – It’s logjammin1800. – Let me just get one. It’s just one. – Oh, now you’re going Maverick. – Now I’m just shaping. – Are you plucking my forehead? – You have a hair there. – Ow. (Snoring) – Hey, Kelsey, did I […]

17 Wedding Night Confessions

(jazzy funky music) – [Voiceover] We had really drunk sex. Immediately after which I passed out naked and he returned to the party. – [Voiceover] Zilch, we practically fell asleep on the limo ride home. (woman sighing sexually) – [Voiceover] We ate dinner, finally, after starving and he fell asleep leaving me hanging. – [Voiceover] […]

7 Things No One Tells You About Long Distance Relationships

– Today’s the day. Let’s do this. (playful electronic music) It is currently 3:13 right now, and it’s been exactly 54 days since I last saw my girlfriend. And today, I get to jump on a plane, fly 2,000 miles, and see her for the weekend. I only get to see her six or seven […]

Daughters Recreate Their Mothers’ Wedding Photos

– You have tears in your eyes. – Unbelievable, man. – I was 20 year old. Exactly… like her. – Actually, I’d say we belong to two different communities. So, there was a lot of opposition. Last minute when I was in that attire, like, I did feel, like, a runaway bride. – You awaken […]

Couples Dress The Same For A Week • Saf & Freddie

– Look at this hat on my head. – Look at this hat on my head. (electro swing music) – Matchy-Matchy couples’ outfits. – It’s all the rage in Korea. – But will the people of LA find it adorable or deplorable? – It’s lady-like and we’re wearing the same exact shit as our boyfriends […]

Couples Answer Tough Questions About Adoption

(playful music) – Do we want kids in the future? Yes. – And we would consider having children in the future. – Yeah, we’d like to expand our family naturally, and also taking in a child which hasn’t been given the start to life that it deserved. – OK, so gender. – [Mehmet] Obviously male. […]

An Older Couple Gives Love Advice

– Hey, how you guys doin’? – Good, how are you? – [Voiceover] Good. – I’m Briana. – Briana, I’m Odell, how are you? – [Briana] Nice to meet you. – I’m Nedra. – [Briana] Nedra, nice to meet you. – [Nedra] Nice to meet you, Briana. Pleased to meet you, Cameron? – [Cameron] Yes, […]

Couples Who Met Online Revisit Their First Conversations

(light music) – I describe it to my friends and stuff. It’s like a freaky Tinderella story and it’s never- I never believe in that fucking bullshit. (light music) – His username was pensivehumor (laughs) (light music) – When we first started talking, I didn’t have any romantic interest in Matt. I actually was just […]

Couples Take A Lie Detector Test

– Do you think I’m a good dancer? – No. – That is an honest answer. (Marcel laughs) – Well, you’re not that great. (“Discoplosion”) – You know, I think the biggest problem in our relationship is that Dan is a really big liar. – I have a lot of serious questions and I want […]