Engaged Couples Raise Robot Babies

(baby crying) – [Voiceover] You were doing so good, Kesha! – Oh, you need to burp him. You need to burp him. (wacky music) – My name is Patrick Thomasi. (mumbling) – Oh my name is Paolo Presta. – I’m Roni. – My name’s Caroline, and we’ve been engaged for about a month? – We’ve […]

Couples Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves

– [Voiceover] So do you guys get annoyed with each other? – Not really. What? – Well, you know, when you love somebody and you see them all the time… – Yeah. – Things get a little bit tense sometimes. – Mmhm. – We’ve been together for eight months now. – Eight years. – Eight […]

Married Under 25: The Craigslist Couch

(playful music) – No. I just got comfortable. – Well. – Ugh! Oops. – I’ll get a paper towel. – No, it’s fine. I got it. What? – I think it’s time we replace the futon. – What’s wrong with the futon? – It’s really rickety and lumpy. – Well, if you know where the […]

Transgender-Cisgender Couples Talk About Their Relationships

(upbeat music) – Well, I’m transgendered and my partner is cisgendered. – I’m cis and Meredith is trans. – I’m cis. – I guess that makes me the trans one, then. (laughing) – Well, I’m trans. – And I’m non-trans. And I think even just that language, that was language that Tiq gave me, too. […]

Single People Get Married For A Week • Daysha & Eli

– His lotion warmer is next to my bed, which he says that he used, to– – [Voiceover] To moisturize elbows. – I feel like it moisturized penises, but, you know. Hi, I’m Daysha. – And I’m Eli. – And we’re getting married! – We’re getting married. – He’s trying to just contain it all, […]

When You’re A Couple With Trust Issues

♫ Watch you leave me ♫ By your side ♫ Is what I want to be, what I wanna be baby ♫ No surprise ♫ Love you like a new upon me ♫ I’m falling for you ♫ – [Guy On Right] Hey, Will. – Hey, how we doing, Scott? – [Scott] Good. – Good. […]

Weird Questions Gay Couples Get

– I mean when we bought our bed– – Oh my god wait, are you two a couple? – Yeah. – Yes, mm-hmm. – (laughs) I thought you were brothers. – Nope. – No. – Are you sure you’re not brothers? – Yep. – Pretty, pretty sure. – [Girl] Yeah? – Not brothers. [Girl] Not […]

Weird Advice Pregnant Couples Get

– Nice day. – Hey! You guys expecting? – Yeah. – Oh, well can I give you some advice? – Can I give you some advice? – Can I give you some advice? – Can I give you some advice? – Sure. – I can tell you’re having a girl. You’re carrying very high. – […]

How Married People Text

– If I get home at 7:30 will I miss bedtime? Because maybe I should just go to The Grove and get trousers before it closes at nine. – Kids still awake and I feel like I might murder them. That is a joke, but also this is awful. (upbeat instrumental music) – I don’t […]

Weird Things Gay Couples Do

– Are these yours or mine? – Does it matter? – Yeah, it matters, I’m not gonna wear your underwear. (sniffing) – Mine. – Babe come on we gotta go, we’re gonna be late. – Yes, yes, yes, I am ready to go. – No. – What? – No, go change. – Why? – We […]