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On our 4 year anniversary, on our drive to Alaska, I said let’s go on a nature hike or something. We wanted to go moose spotting. Moose spotting. Which is a thing in Alaska. Ladies, romance. I got down on one knee. And I said, “Please, will you marry me? You and me forever. Thoughts, […]


hello hey guys welcome back to our Channel I’m Nina and this is Angelus my wonderful wife hey um I think this is actually going to be one of the very important videos um if you didn’t know what should be surprising if you’ve been watching our videos and know who we are we are […]

Apologizing To My Fiancée

okay hello and welcome back my name is Eileen – freeze and you are you I'm here today to do a bit of an apology video now you might be wondering what am i apologizing for well I'm apologizing because I made a mistake okay now I'm going to be serious the other day I […]

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