What’s the Ideal Business Seating Arrangement for Your Meeting?

Have you ever been to a really great event. Lots of chatting lots of socializing easy banter. Or have you ever been to a really bad event awkwardness lots of silence. Just really naughty interactions. It might have had something to do with the setup of your event. My name is Vanessa Edwards and I […]

Family story: creative ways to tell yours

Hello, I’m Harriet Green. And I’m John-Paul Flintoff. And I’m Nancy. And this is The Family Project. We created this book for you, to help you to capture your family story. Even if you don’t know where to start. It’s got lots of exercises in it. We were working on them all through the summer […]

novoville – citizen engagement platform

Would You Ever Get Married Without Meeting Your Spouse In Person?

Improve guest engagement

(upbeat music) – My passion, outside of work, is doing CrossFit, it’s how I start my day, every day at 5 a.m. I know it sounds crazy, but it helps relax me and helps me start the day. CrossFit is very big in small, continuous improvements and every day I feel like I have accomplished […]

Rules for civil engagement: How to talk with someone unlike yourself | Jon Zimmerman

It seems to me that in order to be civil, you do have to follow a certain set of basic rules about human dialogue and discourse. So if you begin with a statement, and I say, “You’re a blankety-blank”, that’s not going to further the discussion. It’s probably going to end it. A more civil […]

Next Level Engagement in Higher Education

So one of the problems at a large institute like ours is you have a lot of individual players who have the need for data who want to query the community. What you get after a while is survey fatigue. In the past, we probably would have had a town hall meeting or very small […]

Why Comfort Food Makes Everyone Feel Happy

Think about your favorite foods – what comes to mind? Grandma’s peach cobbler? Buttery mashed potatoes smothered in gravy? A cheesy pizza with your favorite toppings? Ooh, How about a Lobster tail with melted butter! Hey I’m pretty comfortable with that! Obviously, we love these comfort foods because they taste good; but are there deeper […]