DIY Back to School Notebook & Folder Decoration | Sea Lemon

Some of you have asked how to decorate your notebooks and folders. So here are some ways you can spruce up those plain covers. This video will be an overview of some fun and simple ways to decorate your notebooks and folders. You’re welcome to get inspired by these ideas and make your own unique […]

Chorus arrangement

Hi, Heri here. Alright, back to the song. I’ve made notes in GuitarPro for this video. This will get too technical to keep up with without notes. Before we continue, if you haven’t seen it I recommend you take a look at the video where I came up with the original idea for the song […]

3 Big Tips for Stunning Wedding and Portrait Photography

ثلاث نصائح كبيرة لتصوير الزفاف والاشخاص بصورة رائعة من بامبي كانتريل مصورة اشخاص رائعة جد افضل واجمل مصدر للضوء تعامل مع الضوءالقادم من النافذة او من البيئة الخارجية ان امكن كلما ازدادت معدات الانارة لديك كلما شعر الناس بعدم الراحة ايضاً انظر الى انعكاس الضوء في العين ومناطق الظلال على الوجه ادرس اين يقع الضوء […]

Tips on Travel Photography from National Geographic Photographer Bob Holmes

we're back with National Geographic photographer Bob Holmes and he's talking about some of the challenges of travel photography trouble photography as we know it is the thing of the past and yeah I rarely get assignments to shoot trouble and one thing I always tell workshop students that are interested in moving into the […]