3 Powers in the Home (2/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Never underestimate the power of prayer. It’s amazing what God can do when someone prays. There are many questions you are faced with every day. We are all searching for answers that will make a real difference in our lives. It’s hard to imagine that these answers might be […]

Hugh Hefner’s Son Cooper Marries Scarlett Byrne in Courthouse Ceremony – US News

Cooper Hefner is a married man.  The 28-year-old son of Hugh Hefner announced he and actress Scarlett Byrne tied the knot during a civil ceremony in Los Angeles   “Scarlett and I have made it officially legal and the two of us could not be happier,” Cooper captioned a photo of the bride and groom at the courthouse “Cheers to […]

I Lost My Entire Family in That Fire – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

– Captain, you got a second? I need to tell you something. – Yeah. Go right ahead. – So… When I was a kid… part of the story I don’t often tell… I lost my entire family in that fire. But the thing is… I heard my little sister call my name from across the […]

3 Powers in the Home (1/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Parents, we need to try and speak those things to our children. Acceptance, “Hey, you’re my kid. You belong to this family; you’re mine.” Affection, “And I love you.” And even if they’re not doing real well at the moment, you say, “You know what, you’ve got what it […]

Pete Davidson Says Engagement to Ariana Grande Is Even ‘Better Than’ What He’d Dreamt – News Today

 After pulling off a low-key proposal, Pete Davidson is in engagement bliss with fiancée Ariana Grande  The Saturday Night Live star, 24, shared a new PDA-packed photo of the couple to Instagram on Friday, describing the happiness he has been feeling “U know what you’d dream it be like? it’s better than that,” Davidson captioned a […]

Our Engagement Story || Hannah Hart Totally Crushes #Proposal to Super Gr8t Girlfriend­čĺŹ#engagement

– [Hannah] Secret Beach, what secrets do you keep secret beach? What better place to have an incredibly intimate conversation than our own bed. – Hannah, serious question, how much did Ellen DeGeneres pay you to propose to me while you were promoting an engagement show? – Yeah let’s talk big – Let’s talk big […]

First Teens React ENGAGEMENT?!

– (Micah) Are you Snoopy or Woodstock or both? – (Eric) Probably Woodstock. – There you go, Tom. – I’m not aloof enough to be Snoopy. – (Micah) Much too aloof. – No, so aloof. Oh, god. I’m a loof of bread. – (Micah) You’re more aloof than Lou Ferrigno. – (laughs) Ay, ay, ay! […]

Women Prank Their Boyfriends With A Fake Wedding

– Should I just walk in or should I do the whole stopping every like five seconds? So right now, my boyfriend is in the other room, and he thinks that we’re here just to talk about our dream wedding. But, we’re gonna surprise him and put on a wedding dress. – I hope he […]

4 Types Of Abuse That Couples Should NEVER Confuse As Love | AFM #92

[Music] Hey this Murtaza Badri and in today’s video I want to dedicate to all couples married couples who are engaged who are wanting to get engaged who are thinking of getting a marriage that abuse in any form is not love lot of people get confused when they are in love with a person […]

Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Cut

– Did you guys ever feel the need to protect yourself? Going to school or walking home or? – Um. – Not really ’cause people are super nice to us at school. – Oh, are they super nice? I gotta go visit that area. (upbeat music) – Hi, how are you guys doing? – Good. […]