Brides FUMING with their Wedding Plans?? | Don't Tell the Bride

oh yeah the dress she wanted doesn't exist because she wanted this that the other and she can't decides what she wants how the hell is Rita supposed to do it this is it Lucy you ready Lucy wanted a dress with straps to cover her shoulders and absolutely no ruffles so what will she […]

“I’m Not Doing the Wedding!” Bride FURIOUS as Groom Ruins Hen Party?! | Don’t Tell The Bride

it's the end of the second week and flashy groom Kane has booked a flashy stag oh look at this one he's treating the boys to a night in a luxury hotel and a fast car experience 510 there was worth every single penny who cares what kind of penny she's got the next day […]

Emotional Widows: Feeling Emotional Abandonment In Marriage

welcome to our YouTube channel our LTV faith our LTV faith is a place where we provides you with daily posts around tools and skills for growing in faith and growing in your healthiest relationships today what I'd like to talk to you about is this concept of emotional widows and feeling emotional abandonment in […]

Emotional First Look. Bride can't stop crying when she sees her groom!

William since the day we met we immediately became a team taking on this big world together you were the constant light the reassuring smile and the grounding to my feet you were my study and my comfort through every rocky moment and I laugh through every serious moment and my reassurance through all of […]

Why You Should Elope Because Weddings Make You Broke

yeah okay but the best will actually welcome back to me I've been away forever yeah you didn't know why because I had a very hectic wedding to plan that was mine be married my last name is different although the name of the channel isn't changing hopefully anytime soon anyway I want to come […]

The Most OUTRAGEOUS Weddings from Don't Tell the Bride!

oh yeah arrange the seat that'll be you know then what about that but it would well that bench fit in there that one it's got full virus what would do the job a plank fit for a princess meanwhile 120 miles away beginning to get worried now just don't like waiting around as the […]

Every Wedding Speech Ever | CH Shorts

(digital music) – Alright, congrats againto the newlyweds and I hope everybody has a full drinkbecause it is time for every wedding speech ever! (applauding) – Hi, everyone. I hope you're all having asmuch fun as I am tonight. For those of you who do notknow me, I am the maid of honor. – I […]

Bride Wants to Look Like Kate Middleton! | Say Yes to the Dress UK