Cool Kids, Cold Case (Ep. 11) | Fantasy High

– Arch from the Church of Soul glimmers with kinetic magic potential, as the door to the portal’s about to happen, you boom! Ball perfectly up in the air. You snag it as this skeleton dives of what you thought was gonna be a portal but instead becomes nothing. – (beep) you, Daybreak. – As […]

An Older Boy Took Advantage Of Me

I remember I was at my stepdads house for my little sister’s father’s side of the family and I was watching TV with my stuffed cousins. Two young girls I’m the eldest boy. Time passes and the two girls have left and I’m left alone with the eldest boy…watching TV while the adults are outside […]

Funny Dog Reaction to Family Crying – PRANK (BEST REACTION EVER)

How Bailey reacts to us “crying”

Always a Family

When I met Michael, I was 14 years old. And I knew that he was going to be my boyfriend. [Chuckles] We got married when I was 19. And we were both kids. We really didn’t know what next. You know, get married, and now what? When we were divorced, I remember the kids telling […]

Barry Gibb | The last Bee Gee | Sunday Night

(laughs) – Hey, is this the Jive Talkin’ bridge? – [Barry] Yes, I suppose this is it. Chk, ch-chk, ch-chk, chk, ch-chk, ch-chk. That’s what set up the idea for the song. That was the inspiration. ♪ Jive talkin’, tellin’ me lies, yeah ♪ ♪ Jive talkin’, you wear a disguise ♪ – [Rahni] Did […]


WHAT UP SQUAD! So today i thought i want some revenge on Lindsay. So about two months ago Lindsay and me with the “i wanna make a baby with you prank”. I wanna see how Lindsay reacts when i say, Hey baby, I wanna make a baby with you. So can every single one of […]

What Would You Do?: Couple Breaks Up in Public

It’s summertime in the city people are out the sun is shining and love is in the air that is Until it’s not hot love any fucking you’re scaring me today We’re at New York, South Street Seaport Andrew and Kristen are actors playing a couple who are about to have that all too serious […]

UP Married Life 1440p HD



I think most of you will understand but like I just want to give the shout out to like the two of them in particular like they were my day ones like we've studied together we've had good times bad times together so collie Jason I love you guys as you can see in here […]

Tears Streaming down Bride's Face! "Our Time is Limited" – An Icelandic Elopement

i no te amo como si fueras a rosa de sal topacio o flecha de claveles que propagan el fuego te amo como se llaman ciertas cosas oscuras secretamente entre la sombra y el alma te amo como la planta que no florece y lleva dentro de sí escondida la luz de aquellas flores y […]