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♪ ♫ (Hindi Ladies Song) generally used during wedding session in India) ♪ ♫ ♪♫ music instrument is Dholak (Tambour) let us try to dance with bride please dance a little it generally all do dance …. dance ….. please dance a little please usually brides dance, its a ritual and tradition oh nice, bride […]

Karen y Ricardo Defy Physics to “Bemba Colora” – World of Dance 2018 (Full Performance)

[“Bemba Colora” by Celica Cruz] – ♪ Vaya ♪ – Yes! – Spin it! ♪ – Whoo! – ♪ Pa’ mi tu no eres na’ ♪ Tu tienes la Bemba Colora all: ♪ Pa’ mi, tu no eres na’ ♪ ♪ Tu tienes la Bemba Colora – ♪ Recoge, recoge, recoge la bemba ay ♪ […]

Happy to the Birthday Alex! (Godzilla Dance) [SFM]

*looks left* *looks right* *its 4am and itS SUMMERTIME* *some edgyass dancing* *more dancing* *tail whips* DEATHLOOK ANOTHER DEATHLOOK wait nvm theres more dancing last neato dance moves i promise happy saint saintrick day 😀

Marriage is a Dance: Christopher West on Marital Love and the Theology of the Body

You’ve been learning throughout this program that God is singing an eternal love song. From the motion of galaxies to the movement of sub atomic particles. From the flowing of glaciers to the migration of birds. All of creation is part of a divine choreography. All of creation. Is. Dancing. To this Divine Love Song. […]

They’re like an old married couple. AWW [Hyena On the Keyboard/ 2018.04.04]

They really went on a trip. This is bad. Why? Do I seem like I’m going back? You’re right. I am. I didn’t microwave my sandwich. Yeah? Just put it under your armpit. This is nuts… Here they go again. It should be pretty warm when we arrive. It’ll be fine if you heat it […]

A Couple’s Fight In 60 Seconds

– You promised we weren’t going to be late! You made a promise! – [Voiceover] Blow drying my hair, I can’t hear you. – I’m gonna be in the car. I’m starting the car! (ominous violin music) – How do I look? – Fine, let’s go! You gonna just text or can you tell me […]

[HARMONICA] Up – Married Life/Carl Goes Up + TABS

-5 -6 -5 +5 -4 -5 -4 +4 -4 -6 +6 -4 -6 +6 -5 -4 +5 +6 +5 +4 +4 +5 +4 +3 +3 -3 +4 -4 +5 -4 +5 -5 -6 -5 +5 -4 -5 -4 +4 -4 -6 +6 -4 -6 +6 -5 -4 +5 +6 +5 -4 -4 -5 -6 +7 […]

Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker play “Liar, Liar” | Lip Sync Battle Pregame

– Hi everyone, I’m Nicole Ari Parker- Kodjoe… – And I’m Boris Kodjoe. Why you hesitating? – Because after this round of Liar, Liar, I don’t know if I’m takin’ the name. – Well you know what, I’m gonna kick that butt anyway, so. I don’t care about that. – Alrighty. So how do you […]

couples yoga challenge !!!!

Hey!!! oh Hey guys, it’s Maddie welcome back to my channel, so today I’m here with my boyfriend Jack And today we’re going to be doing the couples yoga challenge we have me behind the camera giving them poses Yeah, Kenzie is behind the camera, she picked out a couple of poses for us She […]

Cheryl and Oti jive in reaction to same-sex couple Santra and Piia – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions

Thank you. Hello. Hello. How are you guys? Good, thank you. And you? Very well, thank you. What are your names? Santra and Piia. What style of dance are you doing? Latin American. Amazing. Two girls. Two girls. Do you dance? No, absolutely not. That sign is a massive lie. Why? Incorrect. I wish I […]