Dean Cain Dishes On The Date TODAY Helped Arrange: It Went Great! | TODAY

Women Prank Their Boyfriends With A Fake Wedding

– Should I just walk in or should I do the whole stopping every like five seconds? So right now, my boyfriend is in the other room, and he thinks that we’re here just to talk about our dream wedding. But, we’re gonna surprise him and put on a wedding dress. – I hope he […]

D.L. Hughley Reflects on Marriage and Love || STEVE HARVEY

– You been married to the same girl for 33 years, man. – Right, right. (audience cheering) – 33 years, man. In your opinion, what’s the secret to a successful marriage? – I think that you have to marry somebody who understand exactly who you are. Like, I’ve done a lot of things I’m certainly […]

Sham Love Series – Stop That Wedding – 65 second trailer

Oh Martha your husband married you and not another woman Go on May be that’s why he left me No one will use me like this again Martha Sorry to give to barest of bad news I’m not doing anything, it’s all you I spent a fortune on him Just stop talking Robert Where are […]

Love And Dating Advice With Dr. Ruth

– Hello, I’m Dr. Ruth Westheimer I’m at BuzzFeed, and guess what, I will answer your questions on sex, on relationships, and on dating. So let me hear some of your concerns. (lively music) – Hi, Dr. Ruth, my name’s Morgan, and I have a question for you. – Okay, only one question? – Only […]

16 Weird Relationship Milestones

(Yawning) (Upbeat Music) (Passing gas) – All right. Uh, what’s your password? – It’s logjammin1800. – Let me just get one. It’s just one. – Oh, now you’re going Maverick. – Now I’m just shaping. – Are you plucking my forehead? – You have a hair there. – Ow. (Snoring) – Hey, Kelsey, did I […]

5 MORE reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian Girl

hey hey welcome back everybody to the channel so I’m Conor. This is the Tsar Experience and yes you read it correctly I’m back for five more reasons never to date a Ukrainian girl. I like Ukrainian girls overall but of course there are some things that you need to be careful of if you […]

Kids Meet Guys with Felonies | Cut

– Did you guys ever feel the need to protect yourself? Going to school or walking home or? – Um. – Not really ’cause people are super nice to us at school. – Oh, are they super nice? I gotta go visit that area. (upbeat music) – Hi, how are you guys doing? – Good. […]

10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

what’s up everyone nurse Blake here and in this video I’m gonna talk about things you need to know when dating a nurse we’re amazing we’re awesome we’re awesome we’re amazing I feel like everyone should date a nurse and I feel like if everyone dated a nurse the world would be a much better […]