A BRIDESMAID'S VLOG: Hara & Sheldon's Wedding! 💙 makeupbykarlamisa

hi guys I'm Martin welcome back to another vlog and for today's vlog we are going to attend a wedding one of my best friend's wedding hi regine read today at Eden so currently I wanna say on i-751 am I'm still waiting here guys hindi she's gonna fetch mother had a dusky Tony Robinson's […]

Mr Bean's Wedding | Comic Relief

Please be seated. In the name of the father, the sun and the holy spirit we've come together today to witness themarriage of Daniel and Kate, to pray for God's blessing onthem, to share their joy and to celebrate their love. Marraige is a way of life made holy by God and blessed by the […]

The Dumbest National Holidays

has anyone even noticed how many fucking national holidays we have apparently there's thousands I don't know who's in charge of making these things off there's any kind of rules but apparently there's just national holidays for everything and I didn't even realize how crazy these things are until I look them up like for […]

Elder Robert Mike ll, "Destination" 06-29-2019

same system Eric Turner are you listening to me when I was just the size of little Robert sister Turner used to have the same little children at Sabbath school Tammy I'm telling you that it pays off what we do now it pays off now I know she doesn't want her flowers every Sabbath […]

"A Visit From Craig's Sister" April 16 (2008)

now please welcome the actress who did the voice of Mac in chicken run my little sister Lynn Tweddle everybody left you this is weird right my little sister Lin hi welcome to my show is really really your shoe no it's not really my show it what is is that they were outsourcing late-night […]