How to Survive Sofia Vergara’s Wedding

I can’t tell you. I love Modern Family so much. I love that show.>>Thank you.>>It’s consistent, and I say it to everyone who is on that show every time you’re here. It is consistently funny and clever and heartwarming. There’s always something at the end that’s just touching.>>Thank you. Look at tiny, this little new […]

‘I Wasn’t Trying To Upstage You,’ Insists Mom Who Denies Ruining Daughter’s Wedding

You say that she ruined your wedding. How? Yes, I had already been going through enough. Things had taken place prior to the night prior to the wedding. First of all, my mother made me late for my wedding day. We had a lot going on in that morning. My mother decides to go get […]

Sharing Your Wedding Day with Your Sibling – Part 1

Every girl dreams of her wedding day when all of her family and friends shower her with love and tell her how beautiful she is. However, one bride decided to share her big day with her brother.>>Not marry him, but just stick with it. That’s right. An Alabama bride named Amy was getting ready to […]

Friend Says Bride Was ‘Completely Humiliated’ By Her Mother’s Behavior At Wedding

Anytime I get two sides of a story I try to look for a tiebreaker cause I got this one saying this, I got this one saying this, so I try to ask the other people that were there. Well I was there, but you haven’t asked me yet. Well I will ask you. Okay. […]

Does Your Spouse Want to Get Kinky?

The following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised For one in four Americans. There’s probably an intimate secret your partner’s hiding from you. They want to get kinky a new study looking into the details of 2000 Americans sex lives found that one in four Americans in a relationship has a Secret […]

Is It Okay to Have a Credit Card that Your Spouse Doesn’t Know About?

I want to know that I divide it because mama always talk to have a little something on side yeah right don’t give people credit or this compliments all the time that I don’t know little white lies Judy we tow is depend on us to be honest and I want my friends to be […]

Who You Should and Shouldn’t Invite to a Wedding – Part 1

Have you guys ever gone to a wedding and felt like the couple needs to say I don’t instead of I do? If so, you’re not alone, because according to a survey conducted by, 27% of the people they polled said they have attended weddings even though they thought the marriage was a mistake. […]

Mother-in-Law Wants to Wear White to Wedding

We all know that at a wedding, only the bride should wear white, right? Well, one bride to be is in her feelings after a soon to be mother in law announced her plans to wear an off white dress to her wedding. The bride posted to the site, MumsNet, asking if she should confront […]

‘I Think You’re Doing This To Avoid Life, Avoid Reality,’ Life Coach Mike Bayer Tells Married Man…

My good friend Coach Mike is here to help us get to the bottom of what Dean’s obsession really is about and what was revealed in this psycho-drama. We’ve looked at it together. You were there, you felt the vibe in the room. What do you think is driving this? Why is he doing what […]

Grammy Nominated Producer Delivers Some Tough Love To Aspiring Rapper

grammy-nominated producer DJ silk is a 20-plus year veteran in the music industry he’s a multi-platinum producer who has worked with artists such as dr. Dre Redman Method Man 2 short DMX and Snoop Dogg Def Jam Sony universal and air stuff and he says that Tony is not a relatable Rider thank you for […]