James Corden Visits with Ellen

How to Survive Sofia Vergara's Wedding

Man Says He’s ‘Caught In The Middle’ Of Daughter And Fiancée

over a year ago I was selling some things online and Brooke came over to take a look I opened the front door I saw an amazingly gorgeous young lady her beauty is the first thing that caught my attention at the time I met Brooke I was finalizing a divorce with my second wife […]

PART TWO: Battle of the Brides!

and if you are the side chick but you didn't know you were the side chick I think another idea you could do so you don't but various yourself is wait until that part where the pastor says speak up now or forever hold your peace don't say that Jenny just don't don't what you […]

Travel Smart With the Joyus Luggage Shelf Now 50% Off!

hey real fans it's me dining from the real shop I hope you all came prepared for this digital deal we picked out just for you this is a fully collapsible hanging shelf that travels easily inside your carry-on bags you can even fit two luggage shelves into a full sized suitcase at least 28 […]

‘Making A Murderer’’s Steven Avery's Fiancee Shares About Their Love Story

I first heard about Steven Avery's case when my daughter camellia told me about the documentary making a murderer she said mom but it's right up your alley because I am a paralegal and I watched the documentary I concluded that he was set up I felt that the state of Wisconsin saw Steven Avery […]

“I Believe My Son’s Bizarre Fiancée Lied about Having a Miscarriage and Carved Obscene Markings i…

his fiancee you say she cuts Daniel on his back I have never harmed him and his family I am mama bear mama bear they're not babies they saw you need to suck up your damn crocodile tears she's lied about having miscarriages all of my pregnancies are real let me see anyone concerned about […]

Baby Showers Are for Turning Up… or Are They?!

Bravo host Andy Cohen recently announced on his show watch what happens live the major news that he is about to become a first-time father this past weekend Andy was the guest of honor at a star is born themed baby shower which reunited 50 Real Housewives and of course Andy's friend John Mayer Nene […]

“My Perfect Cheerleader Fiancée is Abusing Me!”

why is this former cheerleader taking out her anger she's giving me black guys some the exact same stuff to me on her fiancee you broke to play and then you storm off you got scratches on your neck you got scratches on your back I don't care what I care is that you guys […]