My Family Answers Questions About Me

– Dad hurry up! (sparkling) (horse galloping) (laughs) – Okay, make room for her booty. – We good, we good, we good. – Okay, you don’t have to sit like that! She’s like… (soft chime) (laughs) What up everyone, it’s ya’ girl Superwoman. I know what you’re thinkin’, what the hell is going on, and […]

PUNJABI BOLIYAN-TAPPE With English Subtitles | Geet Shagna De | Punjabi Marriage Ceremony Songs

Will not go…(2) hey my mother i will not go with him. The first time barber came to take me my shadow will go with the barber can’t uncover my face can’t speak can’t even open the door latch Barber !!! The barber is very crazy i won’t go with him The second time father-in-law […]

Tappe With English Subtitles | Gidha Punjabana Da | Traditional Punjabi Songs | Wedding Folk Music

Some trades Cranial and ovary, some trades Mustard.” “Nahar Singh trades his wife, Aunt in few cents.” “Beware, we’re from grand parents side.” “The Earth thrives…” “The Earth thrives, wherever we go.” “If you know how to dance then give a round, Your beauty of redness is visible on face.” “Your beauty of redness is […]

The Punjabi Wedding Breakdown (PART 1)

so there’s like approximately 1 billion Indians in the world and 4 billion of them live outside of India and every single one of them have to get married if I’ve done my math correctly that’s a lot of weddings and that’s also a lot of weddings that you have to attend and if you’ve […]

5 Life Saving WEDDING HAIR HACKS You MUST Try | #LifeHacks #HairCare #Fun #Anaysa

Are your hair falling??? from where she came!!! yes.. my hair falling do you have problem of dry hair?? hmm… oho.. dandruff do you have dandruff problem?? yes, so what should I do? does your hair tangled?? so these hacks are only for you but what we’re doing in these ethnic wear?? wedding season is […]

Tappe With English Subtitles | Geet Shagna De | Marriage Ceremony Songs | Popular Wedding Music

“Madhoram, Who is your girl.” “Madhoram, is she fat? “Her disadvantage is that she covers the whole bed.” “Scared beloved doesn’t come near, serving from far away.” “Let her remain to lie down.” “I will find someone else.” “Will leave her.” “I’m a modern guy.” “Youthfulness rocks.” “Youthfulness is very naughty.” “Oldness is full of […]

Ve Gurditte Deya Lala With English Subtitles | Geet Shagna De | Punjabi Marriage Ceremony Songs

“Lala of Gurditta, Yes.” “I feel like vomiting, Yes.” “I’m dying, Yes.” “Sit near me, Yes.” “Lala of Gurditta, Yes.” “I’m two months pregnant, Yes.” “My heart is abnormal, Yes.” “I feel like eating something, Yes. go the the market, Yes. buy two green mangoes. Yes” “Green mangoes should be soury. Yes” “Buy two lemons, […]

The Punjabi Wedding Breakdown (PART 2)

welcome back now we’ll take a look at the actual wedding itself glad you could join us stay strapped in because there’s like I said there’s a lot [Music] [Applause] [Music] after we touch down to the parking lot of the good Lord it’s time to take the groom and transfer him from Hummer to […]

PUNJABI BOLIYAN-TAPPE | PART 2 | Geet Shagna De | Punjabi Marriage Ceremony Songs | Wedding Music

Listen! If I call someone, they’ll have to come in front and dance Cheers We brought a cow Only the groom and bride’s mothers can set the crowd A star! Relatives dances like the flying birds My love, the sugar is being sold in the market You’re the sugar candy and I’m the rose candy […]

Nok Jhok (Nanakiyan – Dadkiyan) | Gidha Punjabana Da | Traditional Punjabi Marriage Songs/Boliyan |

“Har Kaur, you’re just to busy with your granddaughter.” “At least talk to us.” “Have some sweets, you need to dance as well.” Yes, sister, I will dance.” “No’ “I’m coming, they don’t even let me sit for a while.” “Coming right away.” “Grandmother, does she know how to dance? “She used to have too […]