Wedding Cake Mistakes: Here’s how to avoid them.

(music) – Everybody loves wedding cake, but it can turn into a disaster. I mean if you don’t have the right setting for it, it can ruin the photo op or even worse, if your delivery’s at the wrong time it might just end up in pieces on the floor before your guests even get […]

Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

the moment I saw PJ I was head over heels so I proposed to her. Yes yes yes yes yes. And that moment was everything I dreamed of. We want to find out if we’re really ready for marriage so we’ll spend the next year in eight of the world’s toughest places finding out how […]

Book Your Waterfront Wedding at the Wellwood Pavilion!

The Wellwood Pavilion in Charlestown is one of Maryland’s premier waterfront wedding venues. Wellwood is your all-in-one reception and ceremony venue with beautiful water views and unsurpassed service. The Wellwood is centrally located within 45 minutes of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Personalized isn’t just a word to us. It’s an attitude. Let us make this day […]

How To Survive Wedding Season with Jamie Chung (Visa Vows)

(upbeat instrumental music) (sighing) That’s right, yet another wedding invitation. Last year, I don’t know what I would have done. My wedding guest debt was spread over five different cards. I was completely maxed out. But this year, Visa Vows has me covered. Visa Vows is the only credit card designed specifically for people who […]

She is LATE to the WEDDING!

(computer typing) (upbeat music) – It is go time. We are in San Diego right now for one of our best friend’s weddings, Kenzi and Hanz. Lincoln and I were right over here about 15 minutes ago playing cornhole. Hans, who’s the groom, he comes walking by with all of his people and there’s Lincoln […]

Meet Your Wedding Planner: Otto de Jager Events | South Africa’s TOP Wedding Coordinators

I used to be a lawyer and the fact that necessity dictated the fact that I needed to do something is how I got into the industry. I was twenty-eight, twenty-nine years old, my father refused to financially support me any further when I decided to go and do my articles, so I had to […]

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

Amber: Hey, it’s Amber. Are you considering a destination wedding? Today we are in Mexico at the Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit, with some of the best destination wedding experts in the world to help you come up with a few ideas to make planning a little easier. Aimee: The first thing is research. Every country […]

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao – A destination of its own…

Hornblower Wedding Yacht Charters in San Diego aboard Inspiration