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Why There Is No Need To Divorce | The Psalmist

Hello everyone once again is the Psalmist yet today I just want to speak to you why there is no reason for people to divorce now why do I say that well first of all you have to look at the reasons why people divorce in fact before you look at the reason why people […]

Overactive Muslim Man Divorced 19 Times!

(Talking about his first father-in-law) He insisted on my giving 250 Dinars for the dowry and I insisted on giving 200 Dinars($120) And it ended up for me in court divorcing my first wife And I did not lose anything

Muslim sex tourism: Indian women sold into marriage

We meet Muneera Khan in a women´s shelter in Hyderabad. She says she is 19 years old. She doesn´t know her exact date of birth. In her face, the tragic of her life is mirrored. She says she was 11 years old when her parents sold her, for 50,000 Rupees (800 Euros). “I wasn´t asked […]

Marriage Counselling Toronto with Sonia Schwade

I’m here with Sonia today and she’s a psychotherapist specializing in relationship counseling. Hi Sonia. Hi, Arlene, how are you today? Great, how are you? I’m good. Why did you get in this profession? I got into this profession because I love it. I’m very passionate about helping people. I’ve always had a strong interest […]