Planning The Wedding a Year Later – Justin Bieber: Seasons

Man: You gonna trust up, J? – Yeah. – What are you gonna do? I’m gonna trust fall with him. Man: Oh, this guy’s good. This guy, he’s gonna catch me. – You think? – Man: I hope so. Woman: I’m gonna get the angles. All right, ready? – Welcome back. – What up, man? […]

Holiday Valley’s 60th Anniversary

Six decades, threescore and an amazing accomplishment from what our founders first started in 1957 to bring us to today. It’s hard to fathom that anyone could have anticipated the changes in Ellicottville and the changes at Holiday Valley over that duration. A miracle something magical actually transformed. Never in my life did I think […]

The Epic Story of a Tiny Soldier – Audie Murphy

Most kids when they grow up want to be an actor, or a songwriter, or an author. I’ve been lucky enough to be all of those things at one time or another. But all I really ever wanted to be was a soldier. And my dream came true. I was a soldier. I am a […]

Hitler and Eva Braun’s Disturbing Wedding

NARRATOR: Eva Braun first met Hitler in 1929, when she was 17, and working for a Nazi party photographer. Although 23 years younger than him, Braun has been Hitler’s mistress for 14 years, but the relationship is being kept hidden from the German people. Hitler wants to remain attractive to his female admirers, and has […]

Wedding Hashtag Designer | #targetdemo

– “#HappilyEverRamirez” – I designed this for a couple named Bill and Benny Ramirez. “#AliciaWedsJack” – I designed this for a couple who wed on a boat. This is my most proud moment, where it all started: “#DevonsWeddin2014.” Everyone’s trying to get a piece of this one. I’m Samuel Pollark, Wedding Hashtag Designer. When clients […]

Anti-Gay Wedding Planner (Parody) | We the Internet TV

When it comes to planning your most special day, you want to hire the best wedding planner in town. But what happens when the best wedding planner in town disagrees with your homosexual lifestyle? This happens to be a daily challenge for outspoken anti-gay wedding planner Phil Lamont. I’m a religious man and I think […]

Paying the Bride Price | Documentary

Bride price is a tradition but it is a violence to men, I can say a violence to men. I’m called Forbeteh Neola, I’m from Bafut. I was growing up, everyday my father keeps telling Neola your bride price is 4millions whether you like it or not. And I’m like daddy please help me and […]

Three Days to the Wedding… and No Dress!

NIKKI OSBORNE: How’s it going? AMANDA: Hi! You guys need some help today? RICK LOW: Oh, yes! Yeah, we need a lot of help. NIKKI OSBORNE: What are you looking for? AMANDA: A wedding dress. A wedding dress? For this weekend. [GASP] RICK LOW: Her dress is a mess. It’s a mess? Too big. Oh […]

Sewing an 18th Century Gown – Recreating the Isabella MacTavish Fraser Wedding Gown Documentary

a simple tartan gown a wedding from long long ago a family’s history passed down from generation to generation the Isabella MacTavish wedding gown is an iconic piece of Scottish history and today we’ll explore its origins the woman and family it belonged to its significance in Scottish and dress history as well as its […]

A Moment Apart Tour – EP05 – “The ODESZA Family”

Bah bah bah bah bah Hi, you! What are you doing? What are you doing, silly? Well, first off Our crew works ten times harder than us. The bus usually pulls in a city and they are right off the bus into the venue, specing it out. Our day starts out: First thing is the […]