Insert Destination Here — Catalina Island

hello everybody and welcome to insert topic here I'm brenny and I'm Tristan and today is a very special episode because it's our first ever insert destination here featuring Catalina Island and bready for those that may not know Catalina Island has been inhabited for more than eight thousand years but it didn't become the […]

Billie Holiday | Romanticising Her Inner Demons

Grace Kelly Royal Wedding to Prince Rainer III (1956) | British Pathé

after all the fever of publicity the acres of newsprint the fashion oats and the jewel robberies the great day approaches at last when Grace Kelly of Philadelphia USA will become the bride of Renier Prince of Monaco wedding gifts have come from all over the world gifts in gold and silver jewelry and fine […]

Jesse Can't Wait for His Mom to Visit | Shade: Queens of NYC

I'm so excited my mom is coming to visit me she lives in Maine so she's only able to drive down around two to three times a year sorry I'm doing laundry oh my god that's so much stuff I know look at there's a lot of stuff and your wigs I like that orange […]

Married to Charles Bronson: Britain's Most Violent Prisoner – Real Stories

because I love him what's so lovely Bertie what is the bad at all in June 2001 31 year old divorcee Sarah alley armored hit the headlines when she married Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson after a whirlwind romance I simply followed my heart as I do in everything I do the relationship with […]

Visiting North Sentinel – An Island Untouched For 60,000 Years

– [Narrator] It may not look like it but this is known as the mostdangerous island in the world. At first glance it lookslike one of the many islands in the Andaman Islandslocated in the Bay of Bengal. But, what is that shape off its coast and what secrets does this island hide? Prepare to […]

Finland Vacation Travel Video Guide