Abused By My Girlfriend: The Teenage Romance That Descended Into Terrible Violence

That’s where I got burnt, there. That’s a stab wound, there. When the police found me, I was told I was ten days away from death. She was very caring, confident, loving. She just showed… ..a real interest in me. So, what you were doing? We arrived. She said, straight away, “There’s been a problem […]

My Girlfriend Is A World Famous Porn Star | EXTREME LOVE

MIKE ADKINS: I called my mom. I left her a message and I said, ‘Hey, I have been dating this girl. I have got to tell you something – she is actually a porn star. She was like, ‘Oh my God! Thank God! I thought you were going to tell me she was pregnant or […]

Aboriginal Research 101 🔍 Family History

yo peace and blessings you already know what it is Imam underscore oh G like comment subscribe all that fly shit there’s gonna be a real quick video oh we putting together a little series we’re gonna help everybody learn how to not only cite primary sources you know what I mean and dealing with […]

A Tiger Cub Ruins a Hunt for His Hungry Family

[LIGHT MUSIC] NARRATOR: Young cubs enjoy morning play time. Their games are a way of honing their hunting skills. [TIGER GROWLING] Even mom will join in to demonstrate a trick, or two. Practicing the best pounce and ambush technique will be vital for their survival. They’re growing fast and, like all teenagers, always hungry. So […]

Four Weddings

Which shoe are you supposed to put the sixpence in? I don’t know. I think I’ll sit like a statue until three o’clock. You take care of yourself first, then you can take care of everybody else. I can’t take care of anybody in this outfit. I’m just saying for the rest of your life. […]

Hear How Diana Confronted Camilla | Diana: In Her Own Words

I walk into the house and stick my hand out to come the first time I think you look at it over that we’re all upstairs and I just chatting when I suddenly noticed there’s no color move Charles upstairs so this disturbs me so I make my way to go downstairs Finn I know […]

The Magic of Making Sound

(soft whimsical music) (quiet pattering) – [Narrator] In Hollywood, everything is magic and make-believe… – [Woman] Gloves with paper clips are dog paws. – [Narrator] Even what you hear. – We are storytellers with sound. Over here we have a feather duster we use for bird– (feathers fluttering) bird wings. We bring sound into the […]

Consuelo’s Wedding | The Gilded Age

Edward T. O’Donnell: When Alva Vanderbilt sues her husband for divorce it is a capital S scandal. It wasn’t unheard of but it was extremely rare in the United States for people to get divorced. It was also considered not the thing to do if you were a member of the elite. Sylvia Hoffert: The […]

Zach Anner Answers All Of Your BURNING Questions! | Earth Your While

– Hey, SoulPancakers, it’s Zach. I asked you guys for questions on my Facebook page about Earth Your While and other things, so here’s your Q and A. Brandy Lynn says, “I’ve never heard of Earth Your While, tell me more.” Well, Brandy, Earth Your While is a show that aims to clean up the […]