HUMAN Extended version VOL.1

Pape – Senegal Samantha – USA Prasad – India Peter – Papua New Guinea Zongying – China Wahid – France Roula – Jordan Paeman – Afghanistan Devi – India Prity – India Pakistan Leonard – USA Kenya Rachel – USA Daniel – Mexico Petronila – Dominican Republic Guerlio – Haiti Petronila – Dominican Republic Raul […]

Elder Abuse and Family

>>HOST: Hi everyone, welcome to the 1800RESPECT webinar series. Today’s topic is elder abuse and family. 1800RESPECT is pleased to welcome Gary Ferguson. Gary has been the community education coordinator with Seniors Rights Victoria since it was first established in 2008. During this time he has developed elder abuse education programs for different populations of […]

Abused By My Girlfriend: The Teenage Romance That Descended Into Terrible Violence

That’s where I got burnt, there. That’s a stab wound, there. When the police found me, I was told I was ten days away from death. She was very caring, confident, loving. She just showed… ..a real interest in me. So, what you were doing? We arrived. She said, straight away, “There’s been a problem […]

Falsely accused of corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant? Advice from a former D.A.

-Penal code section 273.5 is the primary California law defining domestic violence. And it’s sometimes called spousal battery, corporal injury on a spouse, spousal abuse. And basically it applies in situations where you inflict some sort of bodily injury on a current or former spouse, cohabitant, or the parent of your child. So basically if […]

Can your wife / girlfriend / spouse / ex drop domestic violence charges against you? – R&R Law Group

– A common question we get in domestic violence cases when somebody’s charged with a domestic violence crime is can my spouse, my ex, my child, my parent, my brother, whoever was the victim of the domestic violence charge, can they drop the case against me? They don’t wanna prosecute me. They understand that this […]

Can you be charged for raping a spouse? (Penal Code 262)

One question I get often is, can I be arrested, and charged, and convicted for spousal rape? That is rape of one’s husband or wife. And the answer is yes. California has a special statute, Penal Code 262, that addresses the crime of spousal rape. And not only is it a crime, but it’s punished […]

Why Couples Should Smoke Weed Together

We may have found the key to marital peace! It’s green, it’s pungent, and it’s the cause for nearly 1 million arrests every year. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. The notion that people who smoke weed are non-violent peace lovers may be more than just a stereotype. A new study in the journal […]

Marathi Short Film – Varvanta | Life After Marriage/Women issues

Shree Raghavendra Chitra Sayli Kothavale Mathadhikari Creation GRINDER Mother-In-Law, guide me… Ready..? Come… sit here… let us begin… Oh! What are you doing? This is an age-old system… We don’t change it. We adjust ourselves according to it. Now, let’s begin with your maternal surname,Your identity… Come on, start grinding it. Grind your name into […]

Holiday (2019) Official Trailer | Breaking Glass Pictures | BGP Crime Thriller

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