Surgery Obsessive Spends $76,000 In Quest For Perfection

FULVIA: No, I am not happy with my “perfect body”, because it is not perfect. Perfection is something else. COMM: Transgender Fulvia Pelegrino has spent 80,000 Euros over the last 15 years transforming her body through surgery. FULVIA: Plastic surgery is not a drug but it’s something people like me need. I am not happy […]

Wedding Day Makeup Tips & Advice : Applying Bronzer for Wedding Day Makeup

Welcome to Expert Village. This is Kim Brown. We always use a bronzer whether someone is cool or warm. They would like to add a little bit of color to their face, just like the sun kissed your face, so when you do that you want to just go across the forehead, down the nose. […]

Tana Mongeau Admits FAKING Jake Paul Wedding…

ma Tov ma Tov just remember that man because that is the alleged secret girlfriend EV Jake Paul that is right you heard that correctly get pant animal you might be expected them to get married to tie the knot in 24 hours time any wedding they're supposed to cost $500,000 including the glitz and […]

Playdoh DohVinci DIY Gingerbread Man Cookies Christmas Holiday Ornaments Maker Toy Play Doh Vinci

cookies world chocolate-chip cookies today we're gonna be making super fun gingerbread ornaments for our Christmas tree you can give them as gifts you can do whatever you want with it and we're gonna be using the super fun da Vinci set I have the deluxe Tyler and I picked up a pack of extra […]


Disney Frozen Queen Elsa Bridesmaid Dress Up at Barbie Wedding Boutique Playset – Cookieswirlc

cookies worlds hey cookie pants oh it looks like we're in the Barbie bridal boutique well what are we doing here have you come to pick out a wedding dress that's so exciting Queen Elsa was clean also doing here at the bridal boutique Elsa are you getting married no no I was told to […]

The 1940's Bride

like a dream world isn't it as feminine and charming is a spray of bridal wreath yes as long as there have been weddings there have been true souls they are linked together as inevitably as the poet's moon and June and so today's shower will be larger II fit for a bride look it's […]

Real Life Minecraft Steve Visits Walmart