First Year Anniversary Special

the date for my one year channel anniversary is stuffed coz of timezones – it was 12Apr where i am, but only 11Apr at YT HQ – plus, my very first video was taken down by youtube bots for misleading description -__- So i just re-uploaded, but that put the date of my first vid […]

How My Family Body Shaming Me Has Affected My Self-Esteem | Ask Serena | Refinery29

People know me as the queen of confidence, but it didn’t happen overnight. Like many girls, I felt really insecure about my body growing up. And getting bullied didn’t help. The gym was a chamber of terror. I always felt like everyone was judging me. But then I got sick of letting other people’s opinions […]

Manifest Your Partner, Lover, improve your Relationship | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa Lukosiute. Welcome to your meditation. We’ll begin this meditation by settling into our bodies. Once we become aware of our bodies, we are able to fall into the subconscious mind more easily, where we will work to call in the perfect romantic partner or lover If you want to stay awake for […]

Our Spiritual Wedding Ceremony In Brazil By The Sea | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

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Inside the Torturous Fight to End Revenge Porn


Polyamory refers to wanting, having, or accepting more than one intimate romantic relationship at a time. In 84% of cultures worldwide, you can engage in this and other non-monogamous relationships, but it’s illegal to marry more than one person in most Western countries. What else do I want you to know about poly? I want […]

I Worked As An Engagement Ring Maker For A Day | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29. But every so often I like to try other people’s jobs. Today I’m at the Brooklyn Navy Yard visiting Catbird, and I’m gonna learn how an engagement ring is made and also see if I have what it takes to make my very own bridal jewelry. […]

Female Engagement Team

So, it is my first time working with the American military. So, your passion to work made me a passionate person to work. I want to get experience from you girls. The Jordanian Armed Forces are standing up an all female company. It’s going to be with their Quick Reaction Force Brigade. So they requested […]

Stephen Lewis: The Week in Review #28

I have four intertwining items. The cabinet of Iraq has affirmed, not yet passed, a law setting the age of marriage for girls at nine. That means that for so many girls, childhood will consist of perpetual marital rape. Unbelievable. In the country of Kenya, several years ago when they were discussing the Sexual Offences […]

Ask A Polyamorous Person

– So, is every sexual experience an orgy? (laughing) Yes, I’m so exhausted. – No, do you know how hard it is to plan an orgy? – And orgies are not that common. I’ve been to one, and most of the time I spent there was in the corner eating Oreos. Why isn’t one person […]