Becca has a well have you got steak baked nice I'm so upset [Laughter] hello guys good morning and welcome to a very exciting vlog so as you can tell from the title I am headed to Brighton today I'm going to see Hannah and Beckett and we're spending the weekend together over in Brighton […]

It was crazy (Prom 2019)

Barbie Winter Holiday Morning Routine – Making a Snowman!

I need to wake up Barbie she has to see this Barbie Barbie Barbie wake up Barbie come on wake up wake up Barbie wake up you need to get up what's going on what's going on Chelsea why are you screaming what time is it it's 6 a.m. and you have to get up […]


so hey guys what's up someone to get everybody was me say a prom my chimes look like as much as possible I'm not sure how much I can vlog though but I try so looks like I'm going to change my dress later on it's only so 45 so come on the Jean trenches […]

I Caught My Girlfriend Cheating On Me On Facebook

The Best Lens For Videography | Sony G Master Series | The Wedding Filmer

the child how do you decide what are the right moments to capture at the wedding the thing is moments are everywhere death distance in Java is what defines how we capture them the right lens gives me the freedom to create visuals that feel real yet ethereal these are questions are ask myself all […]