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STAR MARRIAGE (Planets #15)

the natural it's totally natural shut up cartoons you big news everyone I just got married I'd like you all to meet my husband Alpha Centauri ha his last name means cent or I'll let you guess which half of him is horse like own your pants congratulations son way to carpe diem what's ker […]

In Need Of A Holiday – Simon's Cat | COLLECTION

Urlaubsbedürftig Wenn das Leben stressig wird… Musst du Urlaub machen… Also pack' deine Sachen… Runter! Wenn du weg bist, geschieht folgendes… Und wenn du zurückkommst… Als ob du nie weggewesen wärst…

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What are you doing? Let us dance for a while. Dance. Dance. Such a nice music is playing. Stop. Stop, Motu. It is inappropriate to do so here. C'mon. Even you should dance. These two are strangers. They are not from our procession. Are they from that gang that threatened to kidnap the groom? You […]