Fancy Party – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 12

[both humming] Well, we are finally going to be where we belong, hobnobbing with the fancy people at the Change the Children charity gala. I don’t know why I have to go. You’re the mayor, not me. Well, this party is a huge opportunity to meet important people -and show off our inventions. -But what […]

The Most Ridiculous Cat Chase | Pet Friendly Episode 3: Tonya | Refinery29

Come here kitty. Who’s a good kitty? You wanna come to my house? Look at this house, we have a good home. You’re making a fool out of yourself, Skip. Cat’s don’t wanna have anything to do with humans. Come on. Come into my house. You need to engage your core. So close. I got […]

Talking Tom and Friends – Couples Clash (Part 2) | Season 2 Episode 5

Previously on Talking Tom and Friends… Tom and Angela. Finally confident they’re a good couple. We have proof that we’re a good couple – we’re the best. We’re – totally – right – for – each – other. Couples moment. But that confidence is rattled when a burrito-related injury launches Ben and Xenon to the […]

Troubled Couples – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 9

Aaaah! -Aw! -Aw, man. Still too much gravity. Be patient, guys. Our new indoor trampoline will be here soon! Right! All we have to do is ask the Landlord at the exact right time and when he’s in the exact right mood. [Angela] That’s a lot of exacts! -When exactly is that going to be? […]

Talking Tom and Friends – Couples Clash (Part 1) | Season 2 Episode 4

Welcome back to Couple Clash The most romantic show on television Now it’s time for the next round Ryan, your first question What is your girlfriend, Daisy’s favorite flower? This is super-easy. You got it, babe. Uh, let’s see… A rose? A rose?! Ryan, my name is Daisy! Wow, now that is a a bad […]

In Need Of A Holiday – Simon's Cat | COLLECTION

Urlaubsbedürftig Wenn das Leben stressig wird… Musst du Urlaub machen… Also pack' deine Sachen… Runter! Wenn du weg bist, geschieht folgendes… Und wenn du zurückkommst… Als ob du nie weggewesen wärst…

Cats acting strange after vet visit – Cat video compilation