Wedding Horrors

Wedding is the happiest event in the life of two people, but sometimes things get out of hand. Today we’re going to tell you some unbelievable stories that happened at weddings. Russian roulette at the wedding banquet Our horror top starts with a Russian wedding held in 2010 in Astrakhan. A video made at the […]

anti-gender reveal | the east family

– If you guys have been watching our channel recently and are subscribed, you know that we’ve been doing reactions to some of the best gender reveals out there, and so in this video, we wanted to address the elephant in the room that everybody’s been so curious about, including us. (cheering) (yells) (cheers) (yells) […]

The Weird Wedding that Will Make You Either Laugh or Cry

there also may be a little problem the bride’s family has a very strange tradition the wedding shouldn’t be about this it’s about love of two people party the atmosphere is bad [Music] [Music] let’s go to the wedding [Music] we travelled through half of Nigeria from the groom’s city of Abeokuta to the bride’s […]

Cute Baby Playing With Family – Hilarious Baby Family

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Cute Newborn Babies With Families – Cute Baby Videos

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Cutest Baby Family Moments – Fun and Fails Baby Video

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Funniest Baby Family Moments – Funny Baby Video

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Couples Prank Each Other With A Fake Secret

(loud clap) (playful music) – Who’s going first? (playful music) – I’m an FBI agent, I’m actually 43 years old. (playful music) (swooshing sound effect) – I’m regretting choosing this secret, ’cause it’s really embarrassing. You’re not gonna like me after. – You know, you share the past with the person that you’re dating. – […]

Funny Baby Playing with Big Family Moments – Funny Baby Videos

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5 Tips to Lead a Happy Marriage Life (Vlog # 1)

5 Tips to Lead a Happy Marriage Life Hay Guys whats up My name is JAMAL and i love to make videos with my best buddy PAPU Problems do come in a marriage life but they are not to stay forever so just relax and start working to make it a happy marriage life again. […]