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Car GPS, Waze & Google Maps: Which Gets You To Your Destination Faster?

we have so many choices for GPS directions these days and we all have our favorites but do you ever wonder if another system would get you there faster CBS 3 traffic reporter Misha Johnson decided to put some GPS systems to a friendly test my fellow drivers stylist tina marie washington and dan whacker […]

How to add more than 10 destinations in google maps

hey guys so today we're gonna see how to add more than 10 locations in Google Maps so let's go to Google Maps first open the Google Maps so I'm living in one bite there's a Pizarro co2 that were from multi-floral it's reported Joe push let me add this locations quickly so I already […]

Google Maps How To Map Multiple Destinations Using Excel Import. No limit.

everybody at Shawn Seymour 358 studios and I've been asked a lot how to get more than 10 locations into Google Maps we're going to do that using an Excel spreadsheet import for those of you out there who want to map out your customers or your stops in a specific area this is going […]