Happy marriage, happy life?

we’ve been talking about alimony here on the morning show today and here in the US there are approximately about one divorce every 36 minutes there is this adds up to almost 2,400 per day in nearly eight hundred and seventy-six thousand per year that is hard to believe but on the flip side there […]


Lan la lan lan lan lan la la Lan la lan lan la la Lan la lan lan lan lan la la Oh yeah I wanna be with you I feel it! Destiny’s gimmick Your smile, it’s just magic The moment we met Viva! I’m over the moon Uh My stubbornness disappears I can be […]

Funniest Motivational Speech For Married Couples | Steve Rizzo 2019 | Happy Bright You

there’s humor all around you we get so caught up in our thought process and what needs to be done we let all the funny stuff in our lives just pass us by how many married people about their raise your hands how many married people oh there’s humor there oh there’s humor there as […]

వివాహజీవితం నూరేళ్ళు ఆనందంగా ఉండాలంటే | How To Live A Happy Married Life Telugu | Happy Married Life


How to Live a Happy Married Life

How to Live a Happy Married Life Being Considerate

Opinion A Happy Marriage Between God and Budget Deficits The New York Times

Opinion A Happy Marriage Between God and Budget Deficits The New York Times What keeps Saudi Arabia and Pakistan together. By Mohammed Hanif Mr. Hanif is a Pakistani novelist. KARACHI, Pakistan — A few years ago, when my wife and I decided to name our newborn son Changez — which sounds like CHAN GAZE — […]

Secret to a Happy Marriage? Marry Your Best Friend

I’m Lindsay Liepman with today’s health news. Want a happy marriage? Then you should marry your best friend. A new study found that marriage did seem to make people happy, and the happiest…were married to their best friends. In fact, people who married their best friend reported double life happiness over those who did not. […]

4 Ways to Create a Happy Marriage

– No matter what culture you belong to, what religion you believe, what society, what level of wealth or era you live in, one thing is common to all people and that’s that they want to be happy, happy in their marriages. Especially happy in their marriages because that is the common relationship, don’t matter […]


Welcome to the Beach House. In today’s video, you will learn how to be a more suitable spouse. We’re going to a photo shoot. I think it’s been over a year since we’ve done a photo shoot. Over a year? We haven’t done a photo shoot since last summer. Guess what today is. Photo shoot […]