Lost In The Worlds Largest Maze / That YouTub3 Family

– Dad! Mom! Audrey! Jake! Ty! Is anybody there? Hi guys welcome back to– – That YouTub3 Family! – Today we are entering the world’s largest maze, and we’re gonna see if we can get out without getting lost. I have a feeling we’re gonna get lost. – [Jordan] Me too because Audrey said there […]

Jane Sapper event for spouses of engineers

The Army’s elite engineers wear the Sapper tab. During a crash course in soldiering at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, some Army spouses got a chance to do the grunt work. Lance Corporal Kevin Beebe has more. [crowd chattering] [Beebe] This is Jane Sapper, and this is Jane Sapper. In fact, all these women are Jane […]

Family BEACH routine – Adley and Dad build a Princess Sand Castle in Hawaii

– [Adley] Dad, I’m gonna look outside right now. – [Dad] Oh, it’s locked. (intense music) (Dad laughs) Screen door alert. – [Adley] Dad, let’s check. Whoa! – [Dad] Isn’t that beautiful? In the morning! That backpack’s so cute. Bye. (jubilant music) – [Dad] Thank you. For mom? – [Adley] Hmm. – [Dad] Do you […]

Ellen Reunites Superfan with Her Navy Boyfriend

As you know my birthday is this week and I’ve been getting a lot of amazing letters from my viewers. [CROWD CHEERING] Thank you. So I want to read one of the letters that I’ve gotten– “Good morning Miss Ellen, my name is Noah Copeland. And I’m a supply officer in the United States Navy. […]

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Super Private Wedding Details | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– You hadn’t actually planned on being here. Your baby brother, Kevin Hart was, ’cause that’s what you call him, your baby brother. – I do. He was supposed to be here, but he was in a car accident weeks ago. So, everything’s good with him now, though, right? – Everything is good. – He’s […]

Marriage Comes to New Mexico: Aug 26 Marriage News Watch

This week’s all about New Mexico, where we’ve got surprise weddings, new lawsuits, old lawsuits, and emergency orders. Meanwhile there’s a hearing coming up to determine whether those Pennsylvania weddings actually counted, new organizing in Tennessee and Arkansas and Indiana, and a special session in Hawaii. At the American Foundation for Equal Rights, I’m Matt […]

Hawaii Electronic Marriage and Civil Union Registration System

Marriage or Civil Union in four easy steps. First, find a performer. The performer, such as a minister or judge, will conduct the ceremony. For a list of performers go to marriage.ehawaii.gov. You can enter in a filter, such as civil union, to narrow your search. When you find and schedule your performer you can […]

What Happened To My Family? – In The Jungle / That YouTub3 Family

(adventurous music) – Hi guys welcome back to– – That YouTub3 Family! – And Ty. Alright, so we are going on a hike to Lulumahu Falls. (all laughing) – The waterfall, in Hawaii. – The waterfall, yay, and it’s so pretty. – We are literally in the middle of a jungle. – Yeah – There […]

State law prevents married couple to live together

part… But A Hawaii couple who took that oath nearly 70 years ago is no longer allowed to live together. Good evening, I’m Kenny Choi. And I’m Yunji de Nies.. That’s not because of any marriage problems … It’s because of a state law. KITV4’s Brenton Awa has our top story. Brenton. There’s a law […]


I don't remember the first time I surfed but I remember being in the ocean with my father and that's probably the first time I felt the waves kind of crashing on me going out to the ocean you're kind of all the same about who you are the ocean unites us surfing in my […]