Welcome to Counselor Carl

Hi, I’m carl Benedict a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Maryland where I’ve worked as a therapist since 1996. I’ve also had an online practice at serenityonlinetherapy.com since 2005 where I offer individual and couples counseling through Skype video, phone, and chat as well as by cell phone. Through my videos and […]

NSF Through the Decades | 75th Anniversary Video

(uplifting music) – [Narrator] Today, NSF International is known as a global leader in public health standards, independent testing and product certification. But 75 years ago, (tape rewinding) NSF was just an ambitious idea. (exciting music) At that time, national public health standards didn’t really exist. Sanitation practices varied from state to state and county […]

Berlin Wall Anniversary: Tom Brokaw Reports 30 Years Later | NBC Nightly News

Bride And Wedding Guest Meet For First Time After A life-Saving Gift | NBC Nightly News

Same-Sex Marriage & NCAA Final Four & Smartphone Apps and Dieting

17:00:45:21>>>Coming up next on “Arizona 17:30:12:15 Horizon,” a judge rules that an 17:30:15:00 Arizona man can get survivor 17:30:17:03 benefits from a same-sex partner 17:30:19:00 he married in California. 17:30:20:15>>>Also tonight, find out about 17:30:22:03 efforts to get the NCAA final 17:30:24:03 four in Phoenix. 17:30:25:00>>>And we’ll see how apps can 17:30:26:24 help you manage […]

Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health Celebrates Fifth-Year Anniversary

Hello. As the founding dean here at the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, it’s an honor to celebrate our school’s five year anniversary. I am immensely proud of the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters who have all helped make the Fairbanks School of Public Health what it is today. From the feasibility […]

Family, Food and Fun brings wellness education to families

(Instructor) Hi everyone, how are we doing today? (Candice Lucas) The purpose of the Family, Food and Fun Program is to help families stay physically active and live healthy lifestyles together. (Instructor) And so today, we decided to bring back a very popular recipe. (Candice Lucas) We offer food during the program so they don’t […]

Hernia Repair Inguinal (Laparoscopic) PreOp® Patient Engagement and Education

Your doctor has told you that you have a hernia. But what does that actually mean? In general terms, we can say that a hernia occurs when the layers that make up the abdominal wall weaken. In other words, the fabric of muscle and other tissues which protect the gut, develops a defect, or weakness. […]