Bob The Train | Visit To The Army Camp | Kids Learn | Learn Army Vehicles | Vehicle For Kids

hello kids do you want to see something cool today okay off to the army camp we go hurry up now don't be slow what do you see kids yes indeed in the army camp he is top rank hello mr. tank what do you do I protect the country and our border to look […]

Cailee & Terry | Whistler Heli Elopement | Paul Cameron Productions

so today really is an amazing day and day we're broken over you know the normal routines to come here and to mark this special day your wedding day to Shenmue and skies of tangerine and so today we're gathered to witness the marriage of Terrence Edward Campbell and Kaylee Alexandra what we're celebrating today […]

Don't Tell The Bride – Laila And Nick: Arranging The Helicopter And Transport

with a week to go Nick spent almost half his budget on the venue and the dress but he still has everything else to do so naturally he turns his attention to boys toys all right cheers thanks again bye-bye in true rock star style he's just spent almost a thousand quid on a helicopter […]


24 hours in Vancouver so the reason why I have only 24 hours in Vancouver is that I'm here to witness will and Ally getting married on the mountaintops of BC they're getting eloped here we just flew in with the helicopter on this amazing location it's insane but I try go and introduce you […]

GRAND CANYON TOUR – Skywalk, Guano Point, Hoover Dam, Helicopter and Boat Trip 4K

Miami Helicopters Grand Tour with descriptions

Destination Queenstown –

Prince William lands helicopter on water during Canadian visit

you're just about to see Prince William conducts a emergency water bird landing procedure for the first time in a cking helicopter and wants to do this to highlight the important role he feels the Canadian Sea Rescue Coast Guard play in leading the innovative training of seeking pilots and rescue teams around the world […]