How To Tie A Decorative Japanese Square Knot

The Japanese square knot is a nice decorative way to join two pieces of rope. To tie it all you want to do is take your rope and then form a bight and then form another bight down the bottom. Then we will take our other rope and we will come up through that top […]

Lower cost Destination Travel Trailer RV! Like a house inside!

so hey guys I am still out here at Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan they have such a big assortment of RVs it's absolutely a candy shop for someone like me who loves to film these things they have so many models that I filmed before like this Sandpiper as you recall I recently […]

2 Story Travel Trailer RV! This thing is amazing! Salem Destination Trailer!

what's going on guys I'm still out here at Tarrytown RV and Grand Rapids Michigan I'm in this really nice covered and enclosed warehouse where I can just take all the time I need to look at RVs and travel trailers and even motorhomes so guys we're gonna take a look at some of these […]

DESTINATION DIARIES -S01 E03 | The day i could have fallen off from a hill | Mt Dandenong