hey folks wisteria round here it's today I'm using that good old late night energy to come at you all with another little animal jam video so yeah folks it is actually 10 o'clock at night don't know why this is unnecessary details to the video but just thought I'd explain that real quick so […]


e sejam bem vindos ao babacas house 2.0 primeiramente a gente queria agradecer a deus pela oportunidade de morar ligado numa casa como esta também queríamos agradecer a vocês que nos assistem acompanhou essa trajetória desde o nosso começo de relacionamento nosso casamento nossa busca pelo afastamento vocês acompanharam tudo e agora estão acompanhando uma […]

Seth Explains Teen Slang (Super Bowl Edition): Prom Brady, Fake Punt

-Teens are coming up withnew slang terms all the time, and some of these slang terms are actually inspiredby football, so we decided to give youa little primer in a segment called "Seth Explains Teen Slang:Super Bowl Edition." ♪♪♪♪ [ Whistle blows ] Our first new Super Bowlteen slang term is… This is… [ Laughter […]

Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult

– Happy Holidays, girls. It's so nice that you couldfinally take three days out of your busy lives to comeand visit the two people who cared for your every need for 18 years. – Aw, we're so happy to have you guys cooking and cleaning for us again. – Look, more presents! (laughter) I'm gonna […]

ASMR Voice: Wedding Guests [M4F] [Memories] [Remembering our wedding]

Billie Holiday Was Awesome and You Should Know More About Her – Historic Heroes | Thomas Sanders

[Thomas]: What is up, everybody? 😀 This month is Women's History Month. (whoo) Last month was Black History Month, and this video is about a black woman who you definitely should know more about, but I won't be the one to tell you that story. So, without further ado, this is Historic Heroes. [Dahlia]: On […]


every time and then I said I am a dead man that story took a weird turn no no no Matt what's wrong with you decorations Jason my wife must have put these up so what's the problem I don't know what we're celebrating Jason is it a birthday an anniversary about Mitzvah what is […]

Kitchen tour! + Kitchen remodel details!

hey freeze ation is Jordan Paige was fun cheaper today we're gonna do it after months and months of asking we're gonna make the video that is probably the most requested video of all time I'm gonna give you a kitchen tour and I'm gonna show you how we went from this to this […]

Surviving Financial Bumps in Marriage || STEVE HARVEY

today it James who say their finances are falling apart sis can they embarked on a new career joining us to help is my friend and author of real money answers for every woman this is Patrice Washington everybody so the truth what do you see going on between kanae and James Oh a lot […]