Chinh ho jake paul hayrva kuhawa hahq Lit KOOOOOOOOO Guys ching hoss today hdjt jakq I’m gonna surprise her with these flowers that I got for her. I think she’s in her room right nowHwbsbb I’m such a good husband Uncle Kade! Oh my God. Do you know what today is you got these always […]

Wedding Hashtag Designer | #targetdemo

– “#HappilyEverRamirez” – I designed this for a couple named Bill and Benny Ramirez. “#AliciaWedsJack” – I designed this for a couple who wed on a boat. This is my most proud moment, where it all started: “#DevonsWeddin2014.” Everyone’s trying to get a piece of this one. I’m Samuel Pollark, Wedding Hashtag Designer. When clients […]

Julia Roberts Gets a Surprise from Her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Co-Star

You, now famously, joined Instagram. You finally joined Instagram. I did. Yes, OK. I noticed that you have three million followers. I do? Yeah. I have 60 million. And so– I’m sorry, Julia Roberts, 51, with 3 million. And Ellen DeGeneres, 60, 60 million. And so– I should have at least 51 million, then. Well, […]

Will 26-Year-Old Who Steals From Family And Friends Change? – See What He Says After Speaking Wit…

Ukrainian Orphan Accused Of Trying To Harm Adoptive Family Responds To Accusations

Beautiful Indian Engagement Makeup Tutorial | Glittery Eye Makeup For Indian Brides | SHWETA GAUR

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