Cam Resents Mitchell’s Relationship with Their Smart Fridge – Modern Family

♪ In the shallow, shallow ♪ ♪ In the shallow, la-la-la-la, low ♪ What are you doing? Oh, hey! Singing the 2018 power ballad “Shallow.” Were you just singing a duet with the refrigerator? Well, um, yeah, uh — Apparently, Bridget has a karaoke function. So, I was just standing here eating my turkey and […]

Cam Interrogates His Students Over a Clown Figurine – Modern Family

Okay. Why — Why did we even buy bikes? You took his stupid, little clown, didn’t you? I find it sad that your generation is so damaged and cynical. It happened a few days ago. I hated that thing. It had to go. I mean, that’s how collections start. I wasn’t crazy about the cat […]

Modern Family Season 11 Promo (HD) Final Season

They changed television comedy forever…Got to fix that step.…busted down doors…Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Whoa!…and showed us that love is love.I pronounce you spouses for life.Wednesday, September 25th…These have been the best 10 years of my life.…savor every final moment.Good job, kid.…with your favorite family.I’m gonna learn how to speak Spanish.iExcelente!I haven’t started yet.“Modern Family,” a […]

‘Modern Family’ Cast Spill Their Secrets

This will be fun. We’re back with the cast of Modern Family. And it’s time to see how well we all know each other. It’s a game we’re calling Modern Family Secrets. And we’re going to divide the two cast into teams. We’ve asked everyone before the show to tell us one secret about themselves. […]

Modern Family: The Real Life Partners Revealed | ⭐OSSA

Obviously, some families on the show do not seem as common as what we’re used to… but Does your family not have the same little troubles as well? We sure do. And that is why we love Modern Family so much. The characters are so different but yet they often remind us of ourselves. Let`s […]

Who Sang The “I’m (Not) Getting Married” Fast Parts Best?

Perdonenme, ¿Están todos ahí? Porque si están todos ahí quiero agradecerles por haber venir a la boda Les agradecería más el que se fueran, digo, deben de tener mejores cosas por hacer Y ni una palabra a Paul ¿Se acuerdan de Paul? El hombre con el que me casaré.. Pero no lo haré. Porque no […]

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