Ellen Meets Indiana Guidance Counselor Shelly Fitzgerald

This story is crazy. I learned about this story right when we were coming back this season. And so thank you for being here. I know a lot of people wanted to talk to you. But your story needs to be heard by everybody. Thank you. So explain what happened. I said that you worked […]

Revisit Ellen & Portia’s Wedding Day on Their 10th Anniversary

[MUSIC PLAYING] God. You look beautiful. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. [MUSIC – JOSHUA RADIN, “TODAY”] Shoelaces untied. You can dry your eyes. Way your hair lies. Sometimes unrecognized. All the way from Nice today, on a train. Nothing to say but there’s still time. And you are the one I’ve been waiting for […]

Gay Couple Sees Wedding Photos For First Time :)

Australia Said Yes! Vienna invites first honeymooners

Dear friends from Australia! We’re happy to hear that you took a big step towards marriage equality today. In Austria we’re still working on that. Nevertheless, Vienna supports Australia’s forwardness and would like to invite the first same-sex couple which ties the knot in Australia and sends their marriage certificate to to spend an unforgettable […]

Sean Dorsey Dance’s 15th Anniversary Home Season: BOYS IN TROUBLE

(Instrumental cello music only.) (No voice in video.) ♪


♪ Group hug! ♪ What a beautiful day… …for our second wedding anniversary- -and might I just add! Rosie and I have just arrived, at the beautiful… Alexander House. …Alexander House. Um, and Rosie decided to show me how much she loved me by scalding me, actually, um- IN MY EYE! With some boiling hot… […]


Anyone But Me: 10 Year Anniversary Special

The longevity of Anyone But Me has been incredible and surprising that 10 years later. We still have people discovering the show. I mean, I think that’s the most surprising thing, you know, our our fan base all of you guys out there like so amazingly loyal and passionate about the show and like I. […]

Super Gay Anniversary Trip in New Zealand 👭 | Riley and Fiona

♪ Upbeat Music ♪ These are Pāua shells, and when I was a kid in New Zealand, and I lived here, I was like obsessed with Pāua shells. ♪ Upbeat Music ♪ So, we are gonna be in New Zealand for a week, so I wanted to do a little vlog. We have one night […]