Love Marriage.Court Marriage.भागकर शादी.Bhag kar Shaadi/Shadi.Short Film.Love Arranged Marriage

Kissing… (phone call ringing…) Dad’s call Why did He Calll now…. Hello Dady Yes,I am with my Friends Tell mother not to worries about me,soon i will be in home Now i am little busy,call you soon are you leaving now? So What Should I do? Kajal.. We didn’t yet finished what do you want […]

Take Initiative with Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage

– The next takeaway is something called Initiation. And we talked about that earlier. When a woman initiates physical intimacy– and this isn’t always the case, but it’s often the case– when a woman initiates physical intimacy, here’s what it says to the man: Somebody else is interested in the sexual aspect of our marriage […]

Conversational Prayer: How to Pray with Your Spouse

– Conversational prayer is not preaching a three-point sermon and taking an offering. It’s also, wives, not once you have prayer with your husband it’s kinda like, “Okay, I’ve got him roped into the corner. Dear Lord God, please inspire him to buy me that new dress I was looking at.” [Audience laughter] You know […]

4 Types Of Abuse That Couples Should NEVER Confuse As Love | AFM #92

[Music] Hey this Murtaza Badri and in today’s video I want to dedicate to all couples married couples who are engaged who are wanting to get engaged who are thinking of getting a marriage that abuse in any form is not love lot of people get confused when they are in love with a person […]

Connect with Your Spouse through Non-Sexual Touch

– Women told us that they wanted, and when I came home with this one, Gary said “Uh-uh, it is so not on there,” non-sexual touch. He goes, “What is non-sexual touch?” – Well, I think it’s foreplay. – No, it’s not. It is, it is, it’s something that refuels a woman’s heart, it re-energizes […]

3 Ways to Change Yourself Instead of Your Spouse- Way 1: Podcast 169

you so earlier this week on the podcast we talked about avoiding the temptation to change your spouse dr. Kim shared how trying to change yourself never really works it isn’t the right goal to a happy marriage and it was never meant to be our role so now instead of that we’re going to […]

Validate Your Spouse’s Emotion

– Barb bought me a T-shirt: “Happy wife, happy life.” And that’s a pretty good T-shirt. But here’s one of the things I learned… She also bought a magnet that said, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” [audience chuckles] And then, she found another magnet that said, “If Papa aint’ happy, nobody cares.” All […]

How do you love your unbelieving spouse?: Clip from Podcast 160

You know, we talked about Lifestyle Evangelism and about loving your spouse, How does that play out if I’ve got an unbelieving spouse? How do I love them? I think you’d share them on you know, I have a right here in my office. I’ve got a phrase, It says pickins talking about kids But […]

What Foreigners Check Before Marriage – Legal Requirements for Getting Married in India

What Foreigners Check Before Marriage Legal Requirements for Getting Married in India

Welationship: Being Married to a Filipina (foreign spouse)

hey guys this is Bruce and this is relationship today I’m going to be talking about what it’s like being a foreign husband married to a filipina but really this can be for anybody any foreigner married to another foreigner or western guy married to.. what am I trying to say here? If you are […]