"Most Likely To": Holiday Edition

oh I'm sorry merry freaking Christmas for me to you I lost my voice what else is new today we're playing most likely to holiday edition Oh what camera to put this hat guy the end pull your hat you don't even got no hair Claudia's not here Claudia's on a plane coming back oh […]

Traditional Mexican Wedding in Mexico City

no pressure no pressures and if I get through this without crying it'll be a evan is my firstborn given candy from the day he was born i knew he was going to be something very special he looks like me number one so that's a good thing food for you he has a heart […]

Cinders – Like a Holiday [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Struggles of Being Latino During The Holidays

the holidays are upon us so that means lots of laughs lots of family and hopefully a lot of good food some of us have super big families with G small Sophia's and crazy-ass fancy cousins while others of us have tiny families with two or more and others of us never get invited anywhere […]


all right we're here destination Dallas second time coming to the gym dope-ass Jim Todd the owner of icon and Danny the owner of ikana you know but it's on deadlifts and back we got pitbull Torres over there Leroy Leroy the machina might be coming down to you say he's got some speed reps […]


as you start to grow up you start to realize how you if you love something that very much transcends what we think that definition is you'll never really understand it until you feel it and just as much as you too have evolved I'm pretty sure your level evolved as well well I now […]

Fluffy Visits Saudi Arabia – Gabriel Iglesias (from Aloha Fluffy: Gabriel Iglesias Live from Hawaii)

This Bridal Shop Has A Mannequin That Holds A Secret