Blended Life: Big Blended Family Changes

we’re just trying to get our stuff together guys let me say hi to everyone on YouTube hi everyone on YouTube I’m Eric this is my wife Julie and we are the blended life hi guys I feel like we really just jumped into this we were having just a normal conversation like oh whoa […]

5 Mistakes PhD Candidates Make!

Hi my name is James Arvanitakis and I’m the Dean of the Graduate Research School here at Western Sydney University and this is one of our series of short videos that we make I suppose to give tips to higher degree research students. So today’s tip is five mistakes that PhD students make. The first […]

Two costly wedding mistakes on Holly’s hot wedding tips

good morning Carol thank you so much for coming out for Holly’s hot wedding tips so tell me about your business Eilis events we need you for having me Holly iris mess takes the stress out of wedding planning so you can enjoy here only honey yeah that’s very exciting what do couples know about […]


Common Mistakes Newly Married Couples Should Avoid To Prevent Marriage Problems. We want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy married life in case you are newly married. The months leading to a wedding can be really exciting. Couples enjoy the bliss of falling in love and agree to get married to each […]

7 mistakes to avoid before marriage by E.A Adeboye (Love series)

– I want to talk to you like father to his children about marriage. This is not sermon. This is talking, father to children. Listen to me very carefully. My beloved daughters, don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, He gave him a job. He said, “This is the […]

David Kennon: Mistakes Married Couples Make with Social Security

Ok today we’re going to discuss one of the most common mistakes I see when it comes to married couples claiming Social Security. Alright let’s just jump in I’m gonna give you an example I see this all the time and I’m gonna blame the guys. It’s usually the guys that say this to me, […]

Married For Money

The 15 BIGGEST Travel Mistakes to NOT MAKE!

I think we all make mistakes when wetravel we're out of our comfort zone we're in a new place over the years Ihave made some really dumb purchases and we're just excited to go on vacation butsometimes these mistakes could probably be prevented especially like spending alot of money on a plane ticket so in […]

Top 5 Worst Travel Disasters & How to Avoid Them – Tips & Hacks

DRESS SHOPPING Mistakes Brides Make | Tips from a Bridal Consultant

hey guys okay so a bunch of you after I posted my first Bridal video what did I when I make that a wedding dress shopping tips I'm like what doesn't I even make that Bridal video and some requests to do more Bridal related videos for those you who don't know I have been […]