Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About The Aztecs!

Hi, it’s Katrina! From having one of the most advanced capital cities in the world to writing poetry, here are 10 fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about the Aztecs. 10. The Lost City of Aztlan The Aztec people are famous for their capital city of Tenochtitlan, but they were not originally from there. According […]

The DollMaker Dolls – What’s Inside? (TOP SECRET) / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

The DollMaker A YouTub3Family production Watch for the clues

Toy Collector Part 3 Delivering Mystery Christmas Package /That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

– [Boy] Previously on The Toy Collector. – And for today’s adventure we’re going to go holiday geocaching. (cheering) – Outside and it’s cold. – [Audrey] You guys, look. I think I just found it. – What is that? – Clues. Okay, there’s this sticker right here… – Yeah, let’s find out what it is. […]

VILLAINS Part 6 – The Black Box Releases ZOMBIES! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Narrator] Previously on Villains. – That family will have 15 minutes from when the time the note appears to find all these trackers. (laughing) – That sounds like the bandits laugh. – I don’t think any of us are going to be able to sleep tonight. – Look what’s on here. (suspenseful music) It’s […]

The Bandits Movie! Part 3 / That YouTub3 Family I Family Channel

– Hi, guys, welcome back to – [All] The Youtub3 Family – And weird adventures! – Wooo! – Alrighty, in this compilation of Bandits 3 – Part three. – Part three. We go to someplace crazy. Where do we end up when we use the transporter? – Oh, my goodness. – Whoa. – We go […]

A New Doll! Is The DollMaker Controlling The Dolls?

(suspenseful whooshing) – Previously on The Dollmaker. – Guys, I just arrived back home. I’m about to go inside because I have a message for my family. They’re not answering their phones so I’m kind of worried, that’s why I drove all the way up from college to get here. – Audrey! – What are […]

Huge Blanket Fort Built To Keep The DollMaker Away / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

(intense horror music) – [Narrator] Previously on The Dollmaker. – Alrighty guys, I’m hiding in the laundry room because Jordan and Ty have been acting strange since that last challenge. I think we need to keep an eye on Jordan and Ty, so I’m going to try and find David and Jake and then we’re […]

VILLAINS 5 – The Bandits Broke Into OUR HOUSE! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Announcer] Previously on Villains. – Jake! (screams) – You really do exist. – Oh no, where’s the family? I’m the only one left in the game? I have to defeat Baldy and get my family back. (dramatic music) – Three! Uh, ten! – Wanna play? (laughs) – Two? – (imitates buzzer) I hear every […]

Don’t Drop Your Sibling Or DollMaker Turns Her Into A Doll! / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Narrator] Previously on DollMaker. – Okay, guys, I called together the family minus Jordan because ever since we went to the fair, Jordan has been acting strange. I think that if we can go find some gifts and make a challenge, if she chooses the wrapped present that has the DollMaker item in it, […]

Last To Fall Asleep – DollMaker Wants Mystery Chest Opened / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– [Narrator] Previously on (ominous music) The Dollmaker. – Oh my goodness, guys. I just got off the phone with Audrey and she said we can now put Jordan down, but now The Dollmaker has issued a new challenge. The Dollmaker’s going after Ty now. We have three hours for each of us to throw […]