Breaking News US/Australia ll Bride-to-be’s engagement ring is mocked for ‘looking like a sperm’

A bride-to-be’s engagement ring has been mocked online as social media users compare the sparkler to looking like ‘sperm wrapped around her finger ‘The anonymous woman, believed to be from the US, seemed to be delighted after her other half popped the question – and excitedly took to Facebook to show off the new addition […]

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Most MYSTERIOUS Facts About The Aztecs!

Hi, it’s Katrina! From having one of the most advanced capital cities in the world to writing poetry, here are 10 fascinating facts you probably didn’t know about the Aztecs. 10. The Lost City of Aztlan The Aztec people are famous for their capital city of Tenochtitlan, but they were not originally from there. According […]

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– [Boy] Previously on The Toy Collector. – And for today’s adventure we’re going to go holiday geocaching. (cheering) – Outside and it’s cold. – [Audrey] You guys, look. I think I just found it. – What is that? – Clues. Okay, there’s this sticker right here… – Yeah, let’s find out what it is. […]

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– [Narrator] Previously on Villains. – That family will have 15 minutes from when the time the note appears to find all these trackers. (laughing) – That sounds like the bandits laugh. – I don’t think any of us are going to be able to sleep tonight. – Look what’s on here. (suspenseful music) It’s […]

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– Hi, guys, welcome back to – [All] The Youtub3 Family – And weird adventures! – Wooo! – Alrighty, in this compilation of Bandits 3 – Part three. – Part three. We go to someplace crazy. Where do we end up when we use the transporter? – Oh, my goodness. – Whoa. – We go […]